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The complete facts of the Antriksh Parshwanath Dispute

More than 350 years ago, a Jain monk, Shri Yashovijayji Maharaja composed a beautiful stavan (devotional hymn) dedicated to Shri Antriksh Parshwanath, which included the following lines - 
कोड़ी देव मिलके न कर सके , एक अँगूठ रूप प्रतिचंद,  ऐसो अद्भुत रूप तिहारो , बरसत मानु अमृत के बून्द ,  जय ! जय ! जय ! जय ! पास जिणंद ,  अंतरिक्ष प्रभु ! त्रिभुवन तारण, भविक कमल उल्लास दिणंद ! 
Translated, it would mean - 

“Even if the aura of a billon celestial beings be combined together, they would not be able to match even an ounce of your beauty!, Witnessing your divine beauty feels as if drops of nectar were falling from the heavens! O Lord Antriksh Parshwanath! Glory be to thee!” 

After reading the above lines, one may wonder how beautiful would the idol of Antrikshji Parshwanath be, which led Shri Yashovijayji to pen such a beautiful hymn. The divine idol which is said to be so miraculous that it floats mid-air is, however the centrepiece of a lethal dispute between the two Jain sects: The Shwe…

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