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Did Halley's Commet appear at Lord Mahavir's Nirvan?

The year was 527 BC. Lord Mahavir was now 72 years of age, and forty-two years had passed since the beginning of his ascetic life. After attaining Kevalgyan (enlightenment), Lord Mahavir had tirelessly and selflessly given discourses; initiated thousands of monks and nuns and preached the gospel of Ahinsa to millions. Realizing that his Nirvan was near, he arrived at Apapapuri (Pawapuri, Bihar). On the dark night of Amavasya (new moon) in the month of October[Ashvin (Gujarati) / Kartik (Marvadi)], the Lord observed a fast for two days – without even taking water – and delivered his longest sermon lasting 48 hours before the four fold sangh which included rulers of various kingdoms in Malla, Licchavi, Kashi & Koshal regions. 
 All gazed at the Lord of the three worlds, who was seated in the lotus position before them, and drank in his every word. At the dawn of the Amavasya, Lord Mahavir entered into deep meditation, shed all the Aghati Karmas (non-destructive) and withdrew from his…

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