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Rujuvalika - Where Lord Mahavir placed his last footsteps

What if I tell you that Lord Mahavir’s placed his last footsteps in Rujuvalika and not in Pavapuri? You would definitely disagree. Therefore, before you correct me, read on… I vividly recall that during my first ever visit to Rujuvalika, the Kevalgyan Kalyanak bhumi of Lord Mahavir, I was deeply excited for some inexplicable reasons. Further, when I heard about the beauty of the Rujuvalika river, my curiosity levels knew no bounds. Wasting no time, I headed off to this magnificent land to follow the footsteps of Lord Mahavir and to feel the deepest vibrations of Lord’s footsteps that Rujuvalika beholds. The way towards the Jinalay During the entire course of journey towards the tirth , I kept on wondering how beautiful the river would be! Would its shores be sandy or lined with boulders? Would I be able to see the Sal tree under which the Lord attained Kevalgyan ? Seeking answers to such innumerable questions in mind, I reached the town of Giridih (in Jharkhand) an ho