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A small wish !

I wish to sit by the river, gazing upon its calm ripples, Hearing its quaint murmurs, feeling the melodious vibrations, I wish to witness nature's bounty, Hearing the cacophony of the birds, watching the fish play, I wish to feel the cool breeze, in the midst of a drizzle, Savoring the aroma of the earthy scent, as the droplets fall. I wish to gaze at the sunset, satisfying the soul within Witnessing the boats pass at a distance, as the sun sets by the horizon, I wish to open my arms, embracing all I can, looking at the stars, finding myself within...

When Ranthambore Roars !

“In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks” When the world around me seemed like an infinite concrete jungle, my only wish was to escape to the wilderness of a real jungle! Drawn by a deep desire to explore the famed national parks, I decided to try my luck for a tiger sighting at Ranthambore, one of the best wildlife reserves in India. With an extensive plan, I set on for a 700 kilometre long road trip from Ahmedabad via Dhulev, Udaipur, Chittor and Bundi which was amazing in its own way. Cutting the long story short, my rendezvous with Ranthambore began with an early morning drive from Chittor at 4 AM. With a brief stopover at Taragarh fort in Bundi for a peek into its ruins ( which left me mesmerized- read my blog on my experiences in Bundi  here ) we drove nonstop to reach Sawai Madhopur at 1 pm. Call of the wild ! (c) All rights reserved , Arpit Shah, 2016 Criss-crossing amidst kutcha roads, we headed off towards our wilderness abode at Ranthambore -&qu