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Palanpur - The divine abode of Lord Pallaviya Parshwanath

Located around 150 km from Ahmedabad and just 50 km from Mt. Abu lies the town of Palanpur, the abode of one of the most ancient and divine idols of Lord Parshwanath – Shri Pallaviya Parshwanath.  Despite holding a special mention among the holy 108 Parshwanath Tirths, Palanpur is less frequented by pilgrims due to lack of awareness regarding the historicity and divinity of this holy tirth. The divine idol of Lord Pallaviya Parshwanath The antiquity of the temple dates back to more than 800 years and is noted for its intricate marble carvings similar to Dilwara temples of Mt. Abu. Earlier known as “ Prahaldanpur Patan ”, the city of Palanpur was founded by Emperor Prahaladan Dev of the Paramar dynasty in the 13 th century.  The Jinalay of Pallaviya Parshwanath Bhagwan The Jinalay of Pallaviya Parshwanath Bhagwan Once, to please his subjects, the emperor ransacked a 4 tonne Panch-Dhaatu statue ( a statue made from an alloy of 5 holy metals- gold, silver, coppe