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The forgotten taleti of Shikharji - Palganj

Located at a distance of just 6 kilometers (10 minute drive) from the Kevalgyan Kalyanak bhumi of Lord Mahavir Swami - Rujuvalika Jain Tirth and 17 kilometers south of the town of Giridih lies the sleepy village of Palganj , which was once the ancient Talhati /  Taleti (base) of the Shikharji hill , home to the Nirvan Kalyanak’s of 20 Tirthankars. Like Shatrunjay hill (in Palitana, Gujarat) which had different Taleti’s in the past (Vadnagar, Vallabhipur etc), the ancient taleti of Shikharji was situated at Palganj. Since time immemorial, pilgrims started their yatra of Shikharji hill from this very place. However, with the passage of time, the forested areas receded and the base of the hill was shifted to the town of Madhuban (which is nearly 15 kilometers from Palganj).  Shri Shikharji Mahatirth Known as Patalgarh in ancient times, the Gaddi of Palganj (semi-autonomous chiefdom) was a part of the Kharagdiha Gaddis in the Hazaribagh region. The Gaddi was ruled by