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Tantalizing Taki

Along the riverside.
Tweeting of birds, joyously they sing.
Rushing of sediment laden fertile water,
The whistling wind speaks, the waving leaves answer.
The scent of nature. Indescribable.
Up in the sky, the eyes of baby blue.
Fluffy white clouds above greener lands,
they speak of a language we do not understand. 

As the mighty Ichamati River flowed through silently, solitary boats floating on it, the cool breeze gently caressing the face, I wondered how city dwellers like us were missing out on these simple pleasures of life. Inhaling the fresh air from the lush greenery all around felt like sublime bliss and was a luxury and at the same time. On the other side of the river was Bangladesh, an invisible border dividing both the countries. I was experiencing this bliss at Hotel Sonar Bangla, a bewitchingly beautiful resort situated in a small town named Taki, famous for its proximity to Bangladesh as well as it’s Durga Puja immersions. (The annual Durga Puja festivities are notable be…

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