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The Ranakpur Saga

  In the heart of the Aravalli range, enveloped in the solitude of the surrounding forests lies a poetry in stone – the magnificent temple of Ranakpur on the banks of Maghai River. Dedicated to Shri Adinath Bhagwan, the Chaturmukhi (4-sided) temple is a three-storeyed marble edifice placed on a lofty plinth standing on 1,444 artistically carved pillars.   Ranakpur Jain Temple is an exemplary work of art and architecture and is an eloquent testimony to the Maru-Gurjara style of architecture. Built by advisors of Rana's of Mewar, Sheth Dharna Shah and his younger brother Ratna Shah , the design of the temple was made based on the divine dream of Dharna Shah wherein he experienced a vision of Nalinigulm Vimaan (celestial floating palace). A lot of Jains are having multiple questions regarding the current status of the Tirth. Therefore, I have tried to chronologically trace the history of the Tirth so that the readers can take an informed decision regarding the same. TIMELINE