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The Disputed Devotion : Kesariyaji Tirth

As the electric rickshaw meandered its way through the narrow by-lanes of the Rishabhdev town (Dhulev) my mind wandered off to my childhood when my grandmother was trying to make me learn the lines of the Aarti dedicated to Lord Adinath: " Dusari Aarti Din Dayala, Dhuleva mandap ma jag ajwada " Not understanding the significance then, these lines from the beautiful composition by Shri Mulchand were making me feel so ecstatic at that moment! Finally, I was on my way to the abode of lord Kesariyaji Adinath which was equated to the "Light of the world" by the poet Mulchand! How beautiful the lord must be! How divine the idol must be that the poet weaved these beautiful words with pearls of his devotion! " Teesari aarti tribhuvan deva, Sur-Nar-Indra kare tori seva !" A sudden jolt of a street bumper brought me back to the by-lanes of the dusty town dotted with jewellery shops each of whose names bear its reverence to the lord of the town –