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I revere him... I respect him... I have full faith in him... But do I love him?? Do I really love him or is it just reverence and respect? Do I speak my heart out when I meet him? Do I feel like a separated lover when I can’t meet him? Is there a bond between us? Whenever I hear the name “Meera”, I tend to ask myself these questions . The way she loved him...her lord...Krishna...madhav...govardhan...calling him endless names...showering him with absolute unconditional...her words showing complete dedication to one and only...her lord...her companion: Paayo ji maine , ram ratan dhan paayo, vastu Amolik Di Mere Sataguru ne, kripaa Kari Apnaavo janam Janam Ki Punji Paali, jag Mein Sakhovaayo kharcha Na Koi Chor Na Lutai, din Din Badhat Savayo sat Ki Naav Khevatiya Satguru , bhavsagar Taravayo meera Ke Prabhu Giridhar Nagar harash Harash Jas Gaayo Such is the love that she calls herself his maidservant...she has achieved all the happiness..