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The Ranakpur Saga

  In the heart of the Aravalli range, enveloped in the solitude of the surrounding forests lies a poetry in stone – the magnificent temple of Ranakpur on the banks of Maghai River. Dedicated to Shri Adinath Bhagwan, the Chaturmukhi (4-sided) temple is a three-storeyed marble edifice placed on a lofty plinth standing on 1,444 artistically carved pillars.   Ranakpur Jain Temple is an exemplary work of art and architecture and is an eloquent testimony to the Maru-Gurjara style of architecture. Built by advisors of Rana's of Mewar, Sheth Dharna Shah and his younger brother Ratna Shah , the design of the temple was made based on the divine dream of Dharna Shah wherein he experienced a vision of Nalinigulm Vimaan (celestial floating palace). A lot of Jains are having multiple questions regarding the current status of the Tirth. Therefore, I have tried to chronologically trace the history of the Tirth so that the readers can take an informed decision regarding the same. TIMELINE

How was Shatrunjay Tirth owned & managed since the past 2000 years?

Shatrunjay Mahatirth, Palitana is considered the most sacred Tirth (pilgrimage place) by the Shwetambar Jain community. With more than 865 temples located on the Shatrunjay hill, it is the highest revered pilgrimage in Jain history. It is believed that countless saints, great souls and ascetics have attained the supreme salvation here. However, since the last few years, the Tirth has been mired with controversies with respect to the management of the Shrines of the temples and the hill as a whole. Currently too, an ongoing debate is dividing the Jain community with respect to the management of the Tirth. Therefore, I have attempted to trace the entire available history on how the Tirth was managed since the last 2000 years . This will help the readers have a better understanding of the history of the Tirth and the circumstances under which it was managed. I have also added some of the litigations faced by the Tirth in the span of last two centuries for more clarity on the same. ~~