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The Wanderers Trail...The list of places i have visited

My travels have taken me to many places, but there are so many yet to explore. As far as I can recall, I have many more places to visit, many more lands to explore, many more secrets to uncover...Following are the places which I have visited (that i can recall...there could be more !). I've tried to arrange them alphabetically... Abyuday , Madhya Pradesh Achalgadh , Rajasthan Achanta, Andhra Pradesh Agashi, Maharashtra Aglod , Gujarat Agra , Uttar Pradesh Ahmedabad , Gujarat Ajahara , Gujarat Allahabad , Uttar Pradesh Aler (Kulpakji, Kolunpak), Andhra Pradesh Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh Amalner , Maharashtra Amarsagar , Rajasthan Ambaji , Gujarat Ambala , Punjab Amijhara , Madhya Pradesh Amod , Gujarat Amritsar , Punjab Anand , Gujarat Anastu , Gujarat Arnala, Maharashtra Asangaon , Maharashtra Asansol , West Bengal Ashtapad , Gujarat Ayodhya , Uttar Pradesh Ayodhyapuram , Gujarat Azimgunj , West Bengal Badnavar , Madhya Pradesh Bagodara , Gujarat Bakh

Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...

A beautiful song was running in the background on the Paras Channel where the diksha ceremony of Pujyashri Bhavyaratna Vijay maharaja (Shree Bhanvarbhai Doshi) was taking place .. “Pal Paavani, Man Bhavni, aayi yaha mangalkari...Aao padharo saajna,aashish dyo jay jaykaari !” The divine moment had arrived. Param pujya acharya bhagwant in the holy presence of 60 other acharya bhagwants and 1000 sadhu-sadhviji bhagwants handed over the “Ogho” to Bhanwarbhai...and one could see the blessed smile on the face of mumukshu shri ! The happiness of leaving millions of rupees...the happiness of renouncing the world...the happiness of being blessed by all the saints...the happiness of being the disciple of his guru...the happiness of being a step closer to the almighty...In the deeply melodious voice of Alapbhai Desai, the words echoed in my mind.... “Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...” As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it is only because of pure unc

Kalyan Mitrata..from Kashi to Karnavati to Kolkata

To say that “I am blessed” would be an understatement. I can add so many adjectives to it...Fortunate, lucky, privileged.....the list would be endless...Those who know me well will surely be shocked - A person like me who loves to sulk is calling himself blessed! That’s unbelievable! Well yeah, that's the fact...because I am blessed to have received the love of friendship from so many people across all facets of life. Who have all loved me, trusted me and stood by me in times when everything was bleak. But the most unexpected bond I have found is from some of those beautiful people who have showered me with so much affection that I probably feel that I don’t really deserve! From the ancient city of Kashi to Karnavati and Baroda in the heartland of Gujarat, I have been blessed by such beautiful friendships. They did not know me...they did not meet me in person...still the affection they have showered upon me...the trust and faith is endless. Elders seldom approve online socia