Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...

A beautiful song was running in the background on the Paras Channel where the diksha ceremony of Pujyashri Bhavyaratna Vijay maharaja (Shree Bhanvarbhai Doshi) was taking place ..

“Pal Paavani, Man Bhavni, aayi yaha mangalkari...Aao padharo saajna,aashish dyo jay jaykaari !”

The divine moment had arrived. Param pujya acharya bhagwant in the holy presence of 60 other acharya bhagwants and 1000 sadhu-sadhviji bhagwants handed over the “Ogho” to Bhanwarbhai...and one could see the blessed smile on the face of mumukshu shri !

The happiness of leaving millions of rupees...the happiness of renouncing the world...the happiness of being blessed by all the saints...the happiness of being the disciple of his guru...the happiness of being a step closer to the almighty...In the deeply melodious voice of Alapbhai Desai, the words echoed in my mind....

“Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...”

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it is only because of pure unconditional love with the divine almighty and with one’s gurudev that can give anyone the strength to take the leap of faith.

The happiness that he had after receiving the ogho was so heavenly and beautiful that made the moment so pure...The crowds cheered in..but mumukshu shri was so engrossed in his happiness that he just kept on dancing...and rightly so! After years of wait...after years of penance...after years of immense yearning...the gurudev had blessed him with the “Rajoharan”!

“Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...”

People commented on the lavish arrangements, the decorations, the event management, the millions he had left...but I just saw “HAPPINESS” which was incomparable to any pleasures this world can offer any of us !

“Rumjhum Rumjhum Saiyam raani..angan aayi, Jhilmil jhilmil virtidharm ki jyot jagayi !,Ye marg prabhu ka mile, aatma khile...prarthna prabhuvar ho !
“Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...”

Not just Shri Bhanwarbhai, all the diksha mahotsavs I have witnessed , one thing I have found in common- Happiness happy each mumukshu is, on getting the rajoharan from gurudev ! They have understood the real meaning of happiness...not the temporary happiness we yearn for..but in being near to god...

Take the instance of pujya sadhviji bhagwant who took diksha under Param Pujya Acharyadev shrimad Vijay Kirtiyash surishwarji maharaja at Shikharji . What did she lack ? A cushy job with a glamorous profile in USA with millions of dollars as salary ! Why did she have to leave all these worldly pleasures just to walk barefoot all her life ? No electricity, no vehicles ! Why such a penance ?? To undergo the rigorous pain of loch... to seek alms everyday ! Why??

To seek divine Happiness in each and every moment of life...
To seek the pure blessings of gurudev...
To love the divine..

I was lucky enough to witness sahebji’s love for god one day at Chunchura Pratishtha mahotsav. After a tough vihaar of 20 kms, sadhviji maharaj went straight to prabhu’s jinalay and on witnessing the divine lord, tears of happiness gushed on sadhviji maharaj’s stuti after another, sadhviji maharaj didn’t want to stop...That was when I understood the meaning of true yearning...true love towards the divine...

“Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...”
Another moment I can recall is the vidai mahotsav of Pujya shri Hrudayjeet Vijayji maharaja (Shri Rushabh Bhai). Every person sitting there had tears in their eyes when both the proud parents blessed the mumukshu bhagwant by showering rice on his forehead. Again the happiness on mumukshu bhagwant’s face was so divine ! True happiness...pure like dew drops !

Isn’t permanent happiness the one thing that we all seek, irrespective of all our yearnings? I guess Shri Bhanwarbhai had not found it in all his riches...but found it only in the lap of the divine and pujya gurubhagwant...

“Dekho Bhawarji chale...deep hai jale...tyaag ke..manorhar ho...
Mann aaj harkhe guruvar ho ...pyaaro laage prabhuvar ho...”

The words still echo in my mind...If you have still not experienced this divinity, please do hear the beautiful composition atleast once and fall in love...with the almighty !


  1. Arpit Bhai I have not witness this moments but your way of Describing the moments make it infront of eye.


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