Rujuvalika - Where Lord Mahavir placed his last footsteps

What if I tell you that Lord Mahavir’s placed his last footsteps in Rujuvalika and not in Pavapuri? You would definitely disagree. Therefore, before you correct me, read on…

I vividly recall that during my first ever visit to Rujuvalika, the Kevalgyan Kalyanak bhumi of Lord Mahavir, I was deeply excited for some inexplicable reasons. Further, when I heard about the beauty of the Rujuvalika river, my curiosity levels knew no bounds. Wasting no time, I headed off to this magnificent land to follow the footsteps of Lord Mahavir and to feel the deepest vibrations of Lord’s footsteps that Rujuvalika beholds.

The way towards the Jinalay

During the entire course of journey towards the tirth, I kept on wondering how beautiful the river would be! Would its shores be sandy or lined with boulders? Would I be able to see the Sal tree under which the Lord attained Kevalgyan? Seeking answers to such innumerable questions in mind, I reached the town of Giridih (in Jharkhand) an hour before daybreak. A 30 mins drive led me to the beautiful Kalyanak Bhumi, now known as Jamak village in the Barakar district.

As the first rays of the golden sun fell on the shikhar which was visible from a distance, I made my way towards the Jinalay. The beautiful gardens situated on the both sides of the pathway leading up to the main shrine were dotted with flowering plants and large trees, home to the uncountable number of white storks. The small jinalay nested amidst such surreal surroundings, was remarkably beautiful with its beautiful gates, unique arches and doorways.

The beautiful Jinalay
I could faintly hear the gurgling sounds of the river as I neared the main gate of the temple which was flanked by two statues of elephants. Amidst the glimmering illumination of the diyas, I witnessed the glory of Mulnayak Shri Mahavir Swami’s idol and the ancient footprints of the Lord marking the Kevalgyan Kalyanak.  

Conducting 18 Abhishek's on the mulnayak idol of Lord Mahavir

Outside the sanctum sanctorum, lies the ancient pratimaji of Lord Mahavir which was discovered on the banks of the Rujuvalika river. The last branch of the Sal tree under which the Lord attained Kevalgyan was also planted at the back of the Jinalay (sadly, it does not exist anymore). After the divine darshan of the branch of the holy tree, I felt as if the river was calling me. Heeding to the call, I descended a few steps and rushed towards the banks of Rujuvalika.

The ancient idol which was discovered on the banks of Rujuvalika

The last remains of the Sal tree under which the Lord attained Kevalgyaan

Walking across the soft sands on the banks of the river, I witnessed the crystal clear waters of Rujuvalika flowing with a divine rhythmic murmur.  As I sat on one of the boulders dipping my feet in the cool waters of Rujuvalika, I felt a divine sense of calmness and tranquility. It felt as if I was complete – a sense of satisfaction enveloping my soul; as if all my questions had been answered! Accompanied by gusts of cool breeze, I felt as if the rhythmic murmurs of the river were still narrating the story of the Lord who blessed this land more than 2600 years ago-


“It was the 10th day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh, in the year 556 BC. 
A period of twelve and half years had passed since the day Lord Mahavir had taken Diksha at Kshatriyakund. The benevolent Lord had walked through more than 90 regions, practicing strict austerities and deep meditation while enduring all the obstacles and tortures patiently and calmly.

Deep in meditation, the Lord treaded through the dusty paths and reached the village of Jrumbhika-Gram (now known as Jamak-Barakar) on the banks of a river known as Rujuvalika. Two days had passed since the Lord had consumed any food or water. As the fourth prahar of the day was setting (evening), the Lord sat under a Sal tree (Shorea robusta) in the Gaudohika-aasan (Cow Milking posture).

Kevalgyan Kalyanak of Lord Mahavir

Sitting on both feet with knees touching his chest, the Lord was calm even in the oppressive heat. Focusing all his physical, mental and spiritual energies, the Lord was engrossed in deep and pure meditation. Gradually, as the sun was setting in the west, the soul of Lord Mahavir attained the highest spiritual level. Although the sun was about to set, the spiritual realm was being filled with the light of infinite rays of knowledge. The Lord attained “Kevalgyan” (the absolute knowledge) ~ comprehending and visualizing everything in the whole universe, as well as everything in the past, present, and the future. As soon as the Lord attained Kevalgyan, a divine light spread in the three worlds for a few moments illuminating the entire world with a feeling of hitherto spiritual bliss.

To greet and eulogize the moment of the divine lord’s infinite knowledge, innumerable demi-gods and demi-goddesses landed in Rujuvalika from heavens and created the the majestic Samavasaran (“the divine pavilion”) on the banks of Rujuvalika river for the first divine sermon of the Lord.”

The divinity of Rujuvalika

As if I was woken up from a trance, I gathered myself to find that I was still sitting atop the boulder on the banks of the river. Witnessing the soothing ripples created by the river gave immense satisfaction. Hours passed like minutes and I didn't wish to leave. I wondered what makes Rujuvalika so special that kept me glued as a magnet? As if on cue, the river gave me the answers itself through my inner voice ~

  • After 12 and half years of constant ‘saadhna’ and after passing through more than 90 regions, the Lord chose this land for achieving the final lap of his spiritual knowledge– Kevalgyan.
  • It was the Rujuvalika River which witnessed the divine moments when the Lord was shedding his final Ghaati (destructive) Karma’s. The river was bestowed with the honour of witnessing the moments of Lord’s Kevalgyan. Its molecules still preserve those vibrations of Lord’s presence.
  • It was this land which was blessed to hear the first sermon of the Lord (after attaining Kevalgyan) – The land where Lord’s first Samavasaran was created.
  • Rujuvalika was blessed with the fortune of being the last place where Lord Mahavir placed his final footsteps. As I stated in the beginning of this post- When the Lord came here, he arrived barefooted. The soft sands of Rujuvalika were sanctified, when the Lord achieved omniscience. However, when the Lord left Rujuvalika, he walked on golden lotuses’ created by the demi-gods. (In addition to 10 Atishay’s (unique attributes) which were already present in the Lord since his birth, 10 Atishay’s were further added after Kevalgyan. Further, the demi-gods offered their reverence by offering 14 Atishay’s to Lord – one of them being the creation of Golden Lotuses on the path of the lord.  Thus, when the Lord left Rujuvalika, the demi-gods spread the path with soft golden lotuses and scattered scented flowers under the Lord’s feet). 
  • For the next 29 years (after Kevalgyan), the Lord walked on these Golden Lotuses created by the demi-gods- not once placing the divine feet on the paths which were to become his future Vihar bhumi’s.
The Lord walking on Soft Golden Lotuses

Despite such specialties, I feel that the tirth has not got the respect it deserves. Very few visitors visit this holy land and even few spend time with the divine river. Most of them catch a fleeting darshan while on the yatra to Sammed Shikharji. Maybe this was the reason the tirth has retained its natural charm and the positive vibrations of Lord’s presence.

A new Jinalay has also been built (behind the original jinalay) where the idol of mulnayak Lord Mahavir has been carved in the Gaudohika-aasan. Further, the Nand-Prabha family is also constructing a grand “Chaturmukh-Praasad” on the banks of the river.

Mulnayak prabhu's idol in the new Jinalay

Therefore, I urge the readers to visit this tirth-bhoomi atleast once in their lifetime and spend some quality time with the river alone. If possible do witness the sunrise and the sunset in these quaint surroundings. I have experienced goosebumps and felt the divine vibrations every time while visualizing the moments of the Lord’s kalyanak on the banks of this river.

The beautiful Shikhar

How to reach –

The nearest Rail heads are – Giridih (12 km) and Parasnath (34 km) from the Tirthbhoomi ( Madhuban (Sammed Shikharji) is situated at a distance of 18 km from this tirth. Dharamshala and Bhojanshala facilities are available. Contact Number - +91-06736224351.

My first picture of Rujuvalika - clicked from a roll-camera


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