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The Torchbearer of Jivdaya !

A few years ago when I happened to visit Gujarat, our driver took a wrong turn on a deserted state highway in the outskirts of Patan (Google maps had not graced my cell phone at that time). Our driver was fanatically looking for someone who could guide us towards the main town and after treading a short distance, we came across a gentleman who offered to help us as he was heading towards the same destination. He boarded our vehicle and directed the route to the driver. Although the gentleman was in his mid-sixties, he seemed quite fit for his age and his banter continued non-stop which was quite annoying, given the fact that we were strangers moments ago. As we were about to reach the town, his excitement suddenly arose when I mentioned that we had come from Kolkata. He started recollecting something very earnestly and his eyes glinted as he announced that he also knew a great humanitarian from Kolkata. He proudly continued that this noble gentleman from Kolkata was deeply com