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Following the footsteps of Lord Mahavir - Part 1

न देखा तुझे, न सुनी तेरी वाणी , ऐसी क्या थी मेरी भूल ? इतनी कृपा ही कर देते , बन जाता तेरे चरणों की धूल , उन राहों की खोज में निकला हूँ , जहां से गुज़रे थे तेरे कदम , उस धरती का स्पर्श कर , तुझे पास पाऊं हरदम ... Western India has been blessed with highly spiritual Jain centres like Palitana, Shankheshwar, Girnar, Taranga, Dilwara, Ranakpur and Nakodaji; but it is the vast presence of Kalyanak Bhumi’s ( the holy places where 5 important life events of Tirthankar’s take place ) which makes the land of East and North India very special for Jains. The dust of this land has been blessed with the fortune of bearing the footprints of the Tirthankar’s. This is what has inspired me to pen this series ~ “ Following the footsteps of Lord Mahavir ” wherein I would tread those paths, dusty roads, hillocks, towns, villages and cities, which lord Mahavir had himself taken more than 2,500 years ago to feel closer to the divine. The aura of lord’s presence can still be experienced in such

Amidrishti: The Divine Attitude

Often I used to wonder –  Why do I have to suffer when I am not at fault?  How to maintain my composure and search for positivity in all moments?  How to obtain complete control of my anger, ego and jealousy?  Since many years, I was in search of deeply convincing answers to such innumerable questions till the day when Writersmelon asked me to write a review of a book named “ Amidrishti- The divine Attitude ” authored by P aram Pujya Acharyadev Shrimad-Vijay Bhuvanbhanu Surishwarji Maharaja (“gurudev”). A disciple of Acharyadev Shrimad-Vijay Premsurishwarji Maharaja, Acharya Shri Bhuvanbhanu Surishwarji has authored more than 80 books and was a master of 45 Agams (the Jain Canons). Before renouncing the world, gurudev had also acquired the prestigious GDA degree from London (equivalent to today’s Chartered Accountancy). Although, I wasn’t lucky enough to meet gurudev in person, I had read his works earlier, which were very thought provoking.  Acharyadev Shrimadv