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It is imperative that the true faces remain hidden, So that everything remains an illusion ! Don’t get fooled by the glamorous social media feeds, The circus of a "perfect life", Faces that are replete with happiness, love, affection, bliss, composure… Flamboyant costumes and dapper attire, Or is this a façade to hide the reality? But deep inside the stomach notch's, A mind full of warzone, conflicts, hate, envy, pride and anger. Seriously, life is a never ending show... ~~~~ Sometimes, I shudder with fear, Is there any truth or is everything just a farce? The emotions - concern, laughter, sympathy, love, affection, Is anything genuine? Can people ever live without this mask? In our world everything is compromised, No one is interested to see the pain you're in, Willingly accepting the widespread grin shown.. ~~~~ I too wear a mask, Apparently being different is taboo. Behind it, I am safe. Safe from myself and the world of hate, Becau