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Bishnupur - A photo journey !

"A land without ruins is a land without memories and a land without memories is a land without history" -Abram Joseph Ryan Some 140 kms away from Kolkata, lies a land where magic was created around three centuries ago by using Terracotta - Baked clay. Today, only the ruins remain, telling a story of how the devotion of the Malla Kingdom made talented artisans weave countless stories through the terracotta reliefs. The highways leading to Bishnupur from Kolkata are in a pathetic state, therefore the journey itself is a forgettable one, however, the moment I reached, Bishnupur, the land transported me to a different era altogether- the age of Royalty, the age of devotion, the age of grandeur, the age of mysticism. From Rasmancha to the Jore Bangla Temple, each of the 11 temples is unique with exquisite artwork on burnt clay- Terracotta.  As stones were not in abundance during earlier times, the Malla rulers used baked clay to weave magic into the walls of these templ