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Kolkata's best kept secret ~ The Marble Palace !

A sk any Calcuttan the names of prominent landmarks of the city and one can expect an instant reply - Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Shahid Minar, Science City, Indian Museum, Birla Temple, Eco Park etcetera…etcetera… But the fact is that this city holds much more treasures built before such marvels. This is what inspired me to pen this series through which I would try to explore some of these hidden secrets that the city beholds!  The Marble Palace First on the list is a grand palatial mansion situated in the bustling area of Burrabazar- The Marble Palace ! Situated in a narrow lane known as Muktaram Babu Street in Burrabazar’s Chorbagan, the Marble Palace is one of the most beautiful palatial houses that represent the grandeur and extravagance of the city in the early 19th Century.  Side view of the palace Built in 1850 by an extremely affluent Bengali businessman named Rai Bahadoor Raja Rajendra Mullick , the mansion is widely known because of it