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Bawali - You Beauty !

Just 40 kms and an hours drive from the maddening crowd of Kolkata lies the quaint little village of Bawali , preserving the heritage of the bygone era. While the village (named after a local tribe - 'Bauli') has been tremendously blessed with the bounty of nature, it is the grand Rajbari , which steals the show. As per local legends, Basudeb Ray , a prominent courtier of the Mughal Empire (under Emperor Akbar) fought a rebellion and, in return, was bestowed the zamindari of the area of Bawali in the 17th century.  His decendant Harananda Mondal expanded the Zamindari and built this grand mansion- a majestic two-storied palace spread over three acres.  The Rajbari Bawali With trade partnerships with the British, the Mondal family flourished under the patronage of the East India Company, living like royals. At one point of time, the family even had a private army of 400 soldiers! The family is also credited for the construction of some of the finest temples i

Decoding the Jain Vidhi for Marriage

“Jain-vidhi” for Marriage? What’s that? Does that even exist or have you made it up? What rubbish! There is no such thing as “Jain-vidhi” for marriage. How can Jainism advocate rituals related to any “worldly desire”? How can anyone wed in front of the Lord who has himself renounced every desires?  Wow! Is it a new trend? ‘Coz I’ve never heard about it!  How is it different from our ‘regular’ marriages? Does it have “Feras”? Does it involve fasting?  Marriages are supposed to be full of fun! How is one supposed to enjoy in a marriage that’s more like a Pujan? I had been bogged down by innumerable questions like these, since the day I announced that I would follow the “ Jain Vivah Sanskar Vidhi ” (commonly referred as “ Jain-vidhi ”) in my marriage. Although common for Jains residing in western regions like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, people here in Kolkata were very apprehensive regarding “Jain-vidhi” for marriage. While a section of people accepted ignorance and