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The untold story of Jainism - A 3000 year old Stupa at Mathura

Ask any Jain layperson whether he/she has ever been on a pilgrimage to Shikharji, Shatrunjay, Shankheshwar, Shravanabelgola etc.; The answer would most probably be a ' yes '. But if anyone was asked whether they had ever been on a pilgrimage to the Jain Stupa at Kankali Tila, Mathura  where a “ Dev-Nirmitta-Stupa ” (a stupa installed by a demi-god) once existed containing almost the entire ancient history of Jainism – the answer would most probably be a ‘no’. Ruins of Kankali Tila before excavations (Source: British Library) While most of us may have never heard the name of this place before, this place has been extensively excavated and researched by Archaeologists, historians, Jainologists, Indologists and scholars across the world, which has thrown immense light on the history and antiquity of Jainism . I had been researching on this subject since long and after reading thousands of pages about the excavations and its significance, I was startled to find t