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How Shikharji was taken away from Jains

The Nirvan Bhumi (salvation land) of 20 Jain Tirthankars , Sammet Shikharji (“ Shikharji ”) is one of the most important pilgrimages of Jains since the ancient era. This paramount pilgrimage was known by various names like Sammeyal Giri, Samet Shail, Sametachal, Samet Giri, Samet Shikhar, Samadhi Giri etc . At present, it is known as Sammet Shikharji by Shwetambars and as Sammed Shikharji by Digambars or Parshwanath Hill. The holy hill is one of the highest peaks of India and is situated in the Giridih district of Jharkhand, India. However, years of disregard, various internal disputes and forceful acquisition by the State Government has marred the tirth into a lot of controversies.  Parasnath Tunk, the place where Lord Parshwanath attained Moksha As the #SaveShikharji movement gains momentum, lakhs of petitions have been signed by all Jains to prevent the Jharkhand Government to turn the pious Shikharji hill into a tourism destination. However, the question arises h