The complete facts of the Antriksh Parshwanath Dispute

More than 350 years ago, a Jain monk, Shri Yashovijayji Maharaja composed a beautiful stavan (devotional hymn) dedicated to Shri Antriksh Parshwanath, which included the following lines - 

कोड़ी देव मिलके न कर सके , एक अँगूठ रूप प्रतिचंद, 
ऐसो अद्भुत रूप तिहारो , बरसत मानु अमृत के बून्द , 
जय ! जय ! जय ! जय ! पास जिणंद , 
अंतरिक्ष प्रभु ! त्रिभुवन तारण, भविक कमल उल्लास दिणंद ! 

Translated, it would mean - 

“Even if the aura of a billon celestial beings be combined together, they would not be able to match even an ounce of your beauty!, Witnessing your divine beauty feels as if drops of nectar were falling from the heavens! O Lord Antriksh Parshwanath! Glory be to thee!” 

After reading the above lines, one may wonder how beautiful was the idol of Antrikshji Parshwanath, which led Shri Yashovijayji to pen such a beautiful hymn. The divine idol which is said to be so miraculous that it floats mid-air is, however the centrepiece of a lethal dispute between the two Jain sects: the Shwetambars and the Digambars, both of whom claim possession of the deity. Looking at the current state of the idol, one wonders do the devotees really love their lord or just want to take control and ownership? 

The condition of the divine idol of Antriksh ji Parshwanath before the lep

Today, the derelict temple is surrounded by more policemen than devotees, which shows how an internal war between 2 sects can completely ruin an age old ancient pilgrimage. How did this happen? While it is very difficult to answer that, I try to provide the historical facts and the timeline of the entire dispute below- 

The Dilapidated temple of Antrikshji Parshwanath

Timeline of Antriksh Parshwanath Jain Temple Dispute 

1. Shri Antriksh Parshwanath, an ancient pilgrimage was highly revered by the Jain community. As per Shwetambar belief, this idol was built by Vidyadhar Raja Khar (Husband of Ravan’s sister) and was the 3rd oldest Jain idol in the entire cosmos. 

2. 1142 AD- As per a legend, the idol was found immersed in a well by the king of Achalpur named Shripal, who was cured of his illness by consuming its waters. With the help of celestial being Dharnendra, the idol was extracted from the well and was taken to Shripal’s kingdom for installation. However, against the orders of Dharnendra, the King looked back at the chariot (in which the idol was being carried) making the idol immovable and suspended midair in the town of Shirpur. Seeking guidance from Dharnendra, the hovering idol was installed in a newly constructed temple by Acharya Shri Abhaydevsuri Maharaja. It is believed that the idol floated 7 fingers above the ground, giving it the name of ‘Antriksh Parshwanath’.

The tirth finds a name in the following Shwetambar scriptures-
  • Vividh Tirth Kalp by Acharya Jinaprabh Suri (13th Century)
  • Kalikacharya Katha by Acharya Dharmaghosh Suri (14th Century)
  • Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Chand by Lavanyavijayji (15th Century)
  • Updeshtarangini by Shri Ratnamandangani (16th Century)
  • Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Stotra by Ganivarya Shri Bhavvijayji (17th Century)
  • Sakal Tirth Vandana Sutra by Muni Shri Jivijayji (18th Century)
  • Hirsaubhagya Mahakavya by Acharya Devvimal Suri
  • Chaturvinshati Jin Stuti by Acharya Shilratna Suri
  • Purushadani Parshwadevnam Mala by Acharya Khushal Vijay Suri
  • Gurjar Kavya Sanchay by Atmanand Sabha
  • Prachin Tirth Mala Sangrah by Yashovijay Granthmala
  • Antriksh Parshwanath Stotra by Anandvardhan Muni
  • Tirthmala by Samaysundarji
  • 108 holy pilgrimages of Lord Parshwanath. 
The Tirth also finds a name in the following Digambar scriptures -
  • Nirvan Kaand
  • Apabhransh Nirvan Bhakti by Bhattarak Udaykirti
  • Tirthvandana by Shri Gunkirti ji, 
  • Tirthvandana by Shri Meghraj ji, 
  • Tirthvandana by Shri Sumatisagarji, 
  • Tirthvandana by Shri Gyansagarji, 
  • Tirthvandana by Shri Jaysagarji etc.
The reference of this tirth in ancient religious texts of both the sects highlight the fact that it was revered and worshipped by members of both the communities.

The small window from where Darshan used to take place before the doors were opened for all on 11th March 2023

3. 1406 AD - According to an inscription dated 1406 AD, a person named Jagasimha (possibly Chalukyan emperor Jayasimha) donated land to build a temple dedicated to Antriksh Parshwanath in the town of Shirpur.

4. 1649 AD – On Fagan Vad 6 Vikram Samvat 1705, an Anjanshalaka ceremony was conducted by Srhi Amichandbhai of Aurangabad at Antrikshji Tirth where new idols were consecrated by Acharya Shri Devsurishwarji Maharaja of the Tapagacch order of Shwetambar Jains.

5. 1658 AD – Ganivarya Shri Bhavvijayji, a Shwetambar monk, recovered his eyesight by just singing a hymn in front of the idol. Under his guidance, the temple was renovated and the idol was reinstalled on Chaitra Sud 6 (as per Antriksh Parshwanath Stotra)  

6. 17th century – On request of Jains, the Maratha empire appointed Polkar Pujaris (a local Marathi clan) to maintain the temple (in order to protect the shrine from the Mughal attacks, due to migration of Jain population from Shirpur).  

7. 1867 – Antriksh Parshwanath temple was renovated and rebuilt. It was mentioned that the idol floated only 1 finger above the ground.

8. 1877 – An inscription on the Silver Dhwajj Dand (flag pole) mentions that the new flag pole was installed by the Shwetambar Jain community.

The silver flagpole (in front) installed by Shwetambars in 1877

9. 1881 - The Imperial Gazeteer of India published by the British Empire mentioned that the temple of Antariksh Parshwanath Bhagwan at Shirpur belonged to the Digambar community of Jains. (However, it is pertinent to note that the High Court in Yadarao Dajiba Shrawane vs Nanilal Harakchand Shah held that ownership cannot be decided merely on the basis of a historical report such as that of the Archaeological Survey of India or the Imperial Gazzetteer. These documents cannot be used to determine title)

10. 1901 In course of time the Polkars, began to assert their rights to management of the temple which led to disputes between Polkars and Jains. Although Shirpur had no Shwetambar Jain residents, 50 families of Digambar community resided in the town. As a result of this, the devotees belonging to the Shwetambar and Digambar sects came together to oust the Polkars by filing a case in the District court.

Extract from Privy Council Judgement mentioning the dispute with Polkars

11. 1903 The Court held that the Jain Community was in exclusive possession of the property of Shri Antariksh Parshwanath Maharaj Sansthan and accordingly the Polkars were directed to hand over possession of the property to the Panchas of the Jain community. However, the court asked the Jain community to settle with the Polkars as their employee rights could not be waived away. The Jain community settled the case with Polkars and the following points were decided - 
  • 4 Polkars to be employed for cleaning/ maintenance of the temple 
  • A salary of Rs. 261/- p.a. to be paid to each of them 
  • Any currency deposited between Re. 1 to Rs. 10/- in the Bhandar (Donation box) to be handed over to Polkars. Any currency higher than Rs. 10/- to be deposited in the Temple trust. 

Idol of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath with carvings of Katisutra/ Kandora and Kachota

12. 1905 & 1906- Following the settlement of dispute with Polkars, the Trust board included the Panchas which included both the Shwetambar Jains and Digambar Jains. In due course, both the communities started offering puja at the temple as per their ritualistic practices which led to disputes. Meetings were called for resolution of the dispute and following points were decided and agreed by both the communities- 
  • A time-table was formed wherein 4 time slots of 3 hrs each were given to the Shwetambars and Digambars for making their offerings (i.e 2 slots for both). 
  • On the occasion of (Shwetambar) Paryushan only one slot was given to Digambars (6 AM -9 AM). On other time slots, the idol was to be worshipped as per Shwetambar Traditions. 
  • On the occasion of (Digambar) Daslakshan only one slot was to be given to Shwetambars (6 AM -9 AM). On other time slots, the idol was to be worshipped as per Digambar Traditions. 
  • On the day of Kali Chaudas (day before Diwali) only one slot was to be given to Shwetambars (6 AM -9 AM). On other time slots, the idol was to be worshipped as per Digambar Traditions. 
  • On the day of Diwali only one slot was to be given to Digambars (6 AM -9 AM). On other time slots, the idol was to be worshiped as per Shwetambar Traditions. 
  • Members belonging to both the sects could do Darshan at any time of the day 

Time table for Puja of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath

13. 12th February 1908 Shwetambars initiated the process of Lep (plastering of the idol to repair itin agreement with Digambars. Kalyanchand Lalchand Yewalkar was hired to undertake the job. Under the directions of Kalyanchand it was alleged that the artists who were to apply the plaster started making unauthorised additions and alterations to the idol and with a view to create and establish that it was an idol of Shwetambar sect. The difference between the two sects is that the Digambar Jains worship a totally nude idol while the Shwetambar worship an idol with a Kati-Sutra and Kachota. (a piece of clothing wrapped around the lower half of the body). Digambars objected to it and removed (the carvings) of Kati-sutra & Kandora with iron rods causing damage to the idol (The same was proved in the inspection notes made by Additional District Judge, Akola dated 24th June 1913). In response, the Shwetambars filed a case against Digambars for the complete possession of the idol and temple. More than 600 evidences were produced by Shwetambars to prove their ownership rights. The Shwetambars also produced evidences of various jewelry and ornaments gifted to the idol since the past many years proving their point as the Digambars do not decorate their idol with ornaments and jewelry.

Extracts from the Privy Council Judgement mentioning the damage caused to the idol

14. March 1908 - Digambars filed a counter appeal against Shwetambars stating that- 
  • Shwetambars had wrongly framed the case. The temple belonged to Digambar community, so the complete possession of the temple had to be granted to the Digambars
  • As the Shwetambars had agreed to the time-table (with Digambars) in 1905, absolute right of ownership could not be granted to Shwetambars 
15. 11th February 1910The Additional District Judge, Akola delivered a 40-page judgement stating that- 
  • The temple and idol pertained to the Shwetambar community but as the Shwetambars had agreed to the time-table (with Digambars) in 1905, absolute right of ownership could not be granted to any sect. 
  • The Katisutra and Kachota were present on the idol before the Lep and Shwetambars had not added it later (as alleged by Digambars).
  • Both the sects to observe the points agreed upon the Time Table set in 1905 
  • As the person who had defaced the Katisutra from the idol had not been identified and caught, no one could be held guilty for the same. 
  • Shwetambars had the right to conduct Lep and add Chakshus (eyes) to the idol and decorate it with Tika, Mugat (Crown) and Aangi. 
  • To protect the religious beliefs of Digambars, the Shwetambars were instructed to make the Katisutra and Kandora thinner. 
  • Digambars were asked not to obstruct on Kati-Sutra made by Shwetambars.
Extracts of Privy Council Judgement highlighting the details of prior court orders

16. 1916 – The book, "Descriptive Lists of Inscriptions in the Central Provinces and Berar" published during the year mentioned that the temple belonged to the Digambar Jain community. (However, it is pertinent to note that the High Court in Yadarao Dajiba Shrawane vs Nanilal Harakchand Shah held that ownership cannot be decided merely on the basis of a historical report such as that of the Archaeological Survey of India or the Imperial Gazzetteer. These documents cannot be used to determine title)

17. 17th July 1918 – For complete ownership of the idol & temple, Shwetambars filed an appeal at Judicial Commissioner, Nagpur. 

18. 1st October 1923 Judicial Commissioner, Nagpur court delivered the following judgement- 
  • We declare that the Swetambaris are entitled to the exclusive management of the temple and the image of Shri Antariksha Parshwanath Maharaj at Kasbe Shirpur, with Katisutra, Kardora and Lape, and that they have the right to worship that image with Chakshu, Tika and Mugut and to put ornaments over the same in accordance with their custom. 
  • That the Digambaris have a right of worshipping the image in accordance with the arrangement made in 1905 without Chakshu, Tika and Mugut or ornaments, but are not to remove or interfere with the Kachota, Katisutra and Lape; we also declare that the Digambaris Sect are permanently restrained from obstructing the Swetambaris Sect in getting the image restored to its original form adorned with the Kachota, Katisutra and plastering the same now and hereafter” 
Order of Judicial Commissioner, Nagpur as mentioned in Supreme Court Order in the matter of Civil Appeal 1798 of 1991

19. 1923 – Dissatisfied with the court ruling, Digambars filed an appeal against the Judgement at the Privy Council (the highest Court during British Empire) 

20. 1924 – As the idol had become very damaged, the Shwetambars initiated the process of Lep. The Digambars went to the court for a stay order which was refused. After the Lep process was completed, some members from the Digambar sect, allegedly poured boiling milk over the idol due to which the Lep got damaged. 

21. 9th July 1929Privy Council ruled that the management of the temple should continue with the Shwetambars confirming the decree passed by the Judicial Commissioner's Court, Nagpur as the key witness Kalyanchand was absent from the proceedings. The Privy council added that the parties should continue to worship the idol according to old time table and asked both parties to maintain harmonious relations. 

Decree of Privy Council

22. 1934 – Shwetambars initiated the process of restoration of the idol. Digambars objected to it and filed a fresh appeal against Shwetambars in Akola District Court stating that the privy council judgement had not clearly mentioned what would be the size and shape of Kati-Sutra and when could the process of Lep be initiated. 

23. 11th January 1937- Akola Court dismissed the appeal. Aggrieved by the order, the Digambars moved to High Court. The High Court reordered the Lower court (Akola Court) not to dismiss the appeal and to decide on the size and shape of Kati-Sutra and Kachota. The Judge (Mr. R.V. Paranjpe) personally visited the Antriksh Parshwanath Temple to see whether the idol required Lep or not. Without Puja clothes, the Judge entered the Garbha Gruh (Sanctum) and scraped the idol with his nails to see the condition. On witnessing Sand particles inside his nails, the Judge observed that the necessity of plaster for this idol was obvious.

Inspection note by Additional District Judge, Akola

24. 13th September 1944- Akola District court decided the following- 
  • Kati-Sutra’s width was to be of 1 inch. It should cover the waist of the idol in a semicircle with a width of 1/3rd of an inch.
  • Kachota was to be of 2 inches in the beginning and 2.5 inch at the end. 
  • The authority of when to conduct Lep was to stay with Shwetambars and Digambars could not to object to it.
  • When the lep was under process, Digambars were prohibited from making any offering until the Lep dried completely. 
25. December 1944- Shwetambars initiated the process of Lep. Prior Advertisements were carried out in local newspapers by Shwetambars giving intimation about the Lep. Digambars objected to the process and filed a case in the Nagpur High Court against the plastering as they believed that the idol was made out of stone (and not sand & cow dung as stated by Shwetambars). 

Mughal era coins pasted on the stairs of Antriksh Parshwanath Temple (Inset : Zoomed in picture of one of the coins)

26. 8th July 1947British Judge, R.T. Pollock delivered the judgement in favour of Shwetambars and stated that Digambars were trying to delay the case on purpose. The court ordered Digambars to pay all costs to Shwetambars incurred by them w.r.t. the case. Aggrieved by the order, Digambars filed a Special Appeal for a stay order in the Nagpur High Court. 

27. 17th March 1948 – Nagpur High Court dismissed the appeal and allowed the Shwetambars to carry on the Lep process. 

28. 3rd October 1948 – Shwetamabars started the process of Lep which was completed on 13th November 1948. 

Idol of Shri Antrikshji Parshwanath after the lep (during Shwetambar rituals)

Idol of Shri Antrikshji Parshwanath after Lep (during Digambar rituals)

29. 1949-1959 Both sects peacefully conducted their offerings as per the agreed time-table. 

30. November 1959 The Shwetambars re-initiated the process of Lep as the condition of the idol had deteriorated in the previous 10 years. Accordingly, a retired sessions judge was appointed 'Lep commissioner' and along with two observers from each Shwetambar and Digambar sects, watched sculptors from Gujarat as they went about their work. The progress was meticulously documented every chip of plaster was sealed in a bag. After a certain stage, the Swetambars declared that the work of deplastering the idol was over and that replastering should begin. However, the Digambars insisted that deplastering go on as they were certain that the original form of idol when laid back before the world would prove their point. It was alleged by the Digambars that when the existing plaster was removed and it was found that idol was a Digambar idol and not Shwetambar idol.  It was alleged by the Digambars that the idol is made out of a stone and not out of sand and that would also show that the idol is totally nude and belongs to Digambar sect. This allegation led to various disputes which took a violent turn forcing the Government to intervene and put a cage round the idol to protect it from its own devotees. 

The idol of Shri Antrikshji Parshwanath Bhagwan placed inside a cage. (Dated 26th January 1960)

31. 1960- Subsequently, the Digambars instituted a civil suit in the Court of Civil Judge, Senior Division, at Washim to put a stay on the plastering and to declare that the judgement by Privy Council was obtained by fraud by the Shwetambars. The court case lingered on in the High Court.

32. 1967-1969 - Both the sects, viz. Digambars and Shwetambars appointed a committee of Panchas, i.e. 5 eminent people namely Shri Babasaheb Naik, Shri Vinaykumar Parishar (M.L.C. & President of the Akola Municipal Council), Shri Jethmalji Maheshwari (M.L.C., Pusad), Shri Shriramappa (Pusad) and Shri Ramrao Zanak (M.L.A.) to suggest a way forward.  The committee visited the temple in July 1967, October 1967 and February 1968 and made the following observations -
  • Against the judgement of the Privy Council, the Digambars had placed various new articles and inscribed on the walls of the temple - "Digambar Sansthan"and "Digambar Vedi"
  • The Digambars had installed new idols in the first and second cellars which were not present during previous visits.
  • The original chatra above the main idol had been replaced.
  • The idol of Padmavati Devi was found removed from its original place
This report was sent to the Govt. of Maharashtra to improve matters, but no major action was taken.

Idols installed by Digambar sect from 1967-1969 within the Antriksh Parshwanath Temple premises. These idols were brought from various parts of the country and installed within the temple to establish the Temple belonged to the Digambar sect. It is pertinent to note that none of the idols are cemented (as usually done in Pratishta ceremonies) 

Extract from report of the Panchas

33. 1977 - Digambars filed a revision application in the Bombay High Court to remove the plaster on the idol as seen at end of November 1959.  It was contended by the Shwetambars that the Digambars sought to convert the idol and temple into Digambar idol and temple, which is prohibited by Section 3 read with Section 4 of the Places of Worship Act.  The Digambars denied the allegations and stated that it was already a Digambar temple, therefore there was no question of converting it.

34. 22nd April 1981 – Fresh Lep proceedings were initiated, but on the 5th day of Lep, clashes between both the sects took place. Continuing disputes, skirmishes and violent attacks between the Shwetambars and Digambars forced the Government to lock the temple

The badly damaged idol of Antriksh Parshwanath

35. 10th May 1981  - A mob of 400 goons violently attacked a group of Shwetambar Sadhvijis who were staying at the old Shwetambar dharamshala at Antrikshji. Acharya Hemratnasuri (then Muni), a Shwetambar Jain monk, valiantly protected the Sadhvijis but got seriously injured due to the blows dealt by goons with sticks, bricks and cycle chains. Another attempt of violence was also made two days later but the same was averted due to police protection. It was alleged that the goons were hired to throw out the Shwetambar sadhus and sadhvis and take over the Shwetambar dharamshala. 

A Shivling worshipped within the temple premises (on the outside walls of the temple)

36. 1991 - The Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act 1991 came into effect to maintain the status quo and not to convert any place of worship at all. It is was declared that the religious character of a place of worship existing on the 15th day of August, 1947 shall continue to be the same as it existed on that day.

37. 8th March 2007 – Mumbai High Court abated the suit and declared that – 
  • The first round of litigation, i.e. Privy Council came to end in 1929. The new litigation commenced in 1960 and as on 15th August 1947 no litigation was pending.
  • Findings showed that in 1947 the plaster on the idol already had the Kati-Sutra and Kachota. The court stated that one cannot say by certainty that prior to the period whether the idol was nude or not.
  • Digambars wanted the primafacie character of the idol to be changed which would lead to the conversion (if at all the idol is found to be Digambari upon removal of the plaster). However, the law did not permit that as Section 3 of the Places of Worship Act 1991 which prohibited any kind of conversion or alterations on the status idols post its character as on 15th August 1947

Extracts from the order of the Nagpur Bench of Mumbai High Court

Extracts from the order of the Nagpur Bench of Mumbai High Court

38. 5th April 2007 - The matter was referred to Supreme Court whose proceedings are underway

39. 22nd February 2023: An Interim order was passed by the Supreme Court as below - 

(i) The management of the temple and the idol shall be that of the Shwetambari sect, subject to the final outcome of  this appeal;

(ii) The Digambari sect will be allowed to worship the idol as  per the agreement entered into between the parties in  1905 but without changing the character of the idol;

(iii) The Shwetambari sect will be at liberty to carry out  necessary plaster (lep) on the idol to prevent any wear and tear of the idol and for the purpose of maintenance and proper upkeep of the same.

It is pertinent to note that this is an Interim order subject to outcome of challenge to Places of Worship Act 1991 and not the final judgement.

Extracts from the Interim Order of the Supreme Court

40. 11th March 2023 : On the holy occasion of Chyavan & Kevalgyan Kalyanak of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan, the keys of the locked temple of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath were handed over by the Police to 98 year old Shri Sakarchand Bhai of Shwetambar community, basis the Interim order of the Supreme Court. At Vijay Muhurt (12:39 PM) the lock to the temple was opened after a span of nearly 42 years. As per the official notification by Managing Trustee of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Maharaj Sansthan (the trust managing the temple), the temple would remain closed for puja for the next 50-60 days to complete the process of cleaning, Lep and Curing (plastering) of the main idol for members of both the sects. 

41. 14th March 2023 : Despite the interim order of the Supreme court order & the Shwetambar trust taking systematic steps to open the Antrikshji Parshwanath Temple cellar post maintenance, a mob of members from the Digambar community forcefully broke the latch of the main of the temple (which was temporarily closed for the Lep process) and entered the cellar on the pretext of worshipping other idols. The Police remained mute spectators, thereby giving a free passage to the mob to enter the cellar in an unauthorized manner. Due to such mob tactics, the process of Lep which was scheduled to begin on the said day, could not be started. 

42. March 2023: The members of Digambar community filed an application in the Supreme Court for seeking necessary and urgent directions on the Interim order of the Supreme Court passed on 22nd February 2023. 

43. 18th -19th March 2023 : Violent skirmishes between the members of both the sects took place in Shirpur, due to which many members of the Shwetambar sect were seriously injured on account of  attacks on them by iron rods, bricks etc. 

44. 20th March 2023 - A mutual agreement was reached between the monks and members of both the sects in a meeting and it was decided that Lep would commence on 23rd March 2023. The rough translation of the agreement is as below-

1) Shri Antriksh Parshwanath temple will remain open.

2) Shri Antriksh Parshwanath's darshan will continue.

3) The photography and videography of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Bhagwan's current iconography as of March 17, 2023 was attached.

4) Before Lep is commenced, barricading would be done around the idol.

5) The barricading will be done in such a way that people can do darshan of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath.

6) Shri Antriksh Parshwanath's Lep will be performed in its current position and iconography, with no changes.

7) Shri Antriksh Parshwanath's Lep will be performed with pure materials.

8) During lep, the small idol placed in front of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Bhagwan will be moved to the side.

9) The old lep will be deplastered without harming the idol, and the deplastering will be done according to the artisans' wisdom.

10) The Lep of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath will continue day and night.

10) Following the completion of the Lep, rituals on the idol would be permitted for both sects only after the artisans determine that the idol is worshipable. Until then, all devotees can have darshan.

11) No one shall use hot water or hot milk for Abhishek on Shri Antriksh Parshwanath's idol after Lep.

12) Those who create any kind of objection obstacle during Shri Antriksh Parshwanath's Lep will be held accountable by their respective sect's representative.

13) In order to ensure that Point No. 6 is followed in letter and spirit, and that the idol of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath remains in the same condition after the new Lep, both parties have agreed to photograph Shri Antriksh Parshwanath using a (professional) camera on March 20, 2023. Based on the photography, the artists will create an illustration. The Lep process will be filmed, and the live telecast will be available to those who have been notified from both sects. The recording will not be distributed in any way. The police department will seal the camera's memory (card).

The above 13 issues were explained to representatives from both parties, and a detailed discussion ensued. Everyone read all of the issues carefully and they were unanimously accepted by everyone present. Representatives from both sects agreed that the idol of Antriksh Parshwanath should appear natural and beautiful, and a consensus was reached. If any party has an objection after seeing the artists' illustrations, it will be resolved through mutual understanding.

Copy of the Agreement by both the sects on 20th March 2023

45. 23rd March 2023 -Deplastering of the idol initiated for Lep. A barricade was set up around the idol and Section 144 (prohibiting the assembly of four or more people in an area) imposed in the periphery of 200 meters of the temple till 30th March 2023 with orders that no more than 25 people would be allowed to queue in front of the temple. 5 devotees would be allowed in the core of the temple and another 5 in the sanctum for a maximum period of 5 minutes. 

46. 30th March 2023 -First round of plastering (Lep) completed.
Idol of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath after first round of Lep

46. 5th April 2023 - The Supreme Court made an order on the application filed by Digambar sect for seeking necessary and urgent directions on the Interim order dated 22-Feb-23 stating that the apprehension of the applicants (Digambar sect) w.r.t. the nature or status of the idol is permitted to be changed, was misconcieved and misdirected. The court allowed the Shwetambars to continue the Lep (1st round was already over) and repair the damaged parts of the idol under the supervision of District Administration.

47. 18th April 2023 - Second round of Lep initiated under the supervision of District Administration.  

Idol of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath after second round of Lep

48. 24th May 2023 - Third round of Lep started which was completed on 29th May 2023. 

Idol of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath after third round of Lep

49. 20th June 2023 - After a span of 42 years, 2 months and 2 days, Laghu Panchakalyanak & Abhishek of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Bhagwan commenced as per Digambar tradition (12 Noon to 6 PM) after Shuddhikaran by Shwetambars. On 21st June 2023, 18 Abhishek Vidhi and first Ashtaprakari puja commenced (6 AM to 12 noon) as per Shwetambar tradition in the holy constellation of Pushya Nakshatra.

Idol of Shri Antriksh Parshwanath Bhagwan during Shwetambar rituals


While we do not know, what final judgement will be delivered by the Supreme Court, I revisit some lines which I had posted in one of my earlier articles on Kesariyaji Tirth which faces a similar fate– 

We must start loving our lord and stop dividing ourselves on the basis of beliefs. Where there is love, there are no differences, where there is love, there are no disputes, where there is love, there is only faith and devotion, which is selfless and unconditional. It is time we understand the meaning of true devotion as Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri puts it beautifully: 

“To understand devotion, you must at least know what love is. He who has not loved in life, has never been in even worldly love, cannot understand the divine love either. Whatever love energy has manifested in you, pure or impure, direct it at the feet of God. Love when directed towards the dispassionate one cannot remain impure; it soon sheds off its impurities. It becomes pure, and gets transformed into devotion. In fact, while loving God, love increases in quality and quantity and eventually this devotion transforms into supreme devotion, oneness with the divine” 

I conclude this post by quoting a few lines from one of the most beautiful prayers: 

“भेद वो तो किसी में नहीं देखता , चाहता है वो सब में रहे एकता, 
उसको इंसान बन कर दिखाएंगे हम , क्या हुआ बन न पाए अगर देवता , 
जिसने दी है हमें भावना, मन ऊसी की करो प्रार्थना"

  • Case Law: Manikchand Pratapmal Baj Vs. Sakarchand Premchand Gujarathi 
  • Case Law: Yadarao Dajiba Shrawane (dead) by Lrs. Vs. Nanilal Harakchand Shah (dead) and Ors. 
  • Sadhu to Chalta Bhala – Muni Prashamrati Vijayji 
  • Tare Te Tirth 
  • India Today Magazine Article– Jainism: A sectarian war 
  • Shri Antriksh Parshwanath - Muni Jambuvijay
  • Descriptive Lists of Inscriptions in the Central Provinces and Berar
  • The Imperial Gazeteer of India
  • Tirthmala- Shri Anandji Kalyanji Pedhi


  1. So clearly and perfectly written...Am sure most of us didnt know such minute details...Dhanyavad!!

    1. Arpit bhai have u confirmed this details are exactly true and testified

      And howcome u got these information in such minute details

      As i felt to acknowledge this happenning to the whole jain community via social media and delivering request letters to every jain muni of Jain sects
      (Digambaras and Śvētāmbaras)

      Please give confirmation

    2. Hi Abhishek, Pranam.

      I have mentioned all the sources at the end of the blog. Furthermore most of the details are mentioned in the following Court case Judgetements -
      Case Law: Manikchand Pratapmal Baj Vs. Sakarchand Premchand Gujarathi
      Case Law: Yadarao Dajiba Shrawane (dead) by Lrs. Vs. Nanilal Harakchand Shah (dead) and Ors.
      These details are available in the High Court websites which are Government Sourches

  2. An eye opener for many. How human thinking, craving for one-up-manship and ego divides also the GOD. May peace and light prevail in the end.

  3. Beautifully explained with a message that we Jains should stop dividing our religion between two sects. We should love the God, the deity and honour court judgements.

  4. Nailed all the events marvelously Thank you for valuable insights. Today Shwetambaras won the case.

    1. Thank you. However, the judgement has not yet been passed. The next date of hearing is in the 2nd week of July

  5. Pray to HIM to have the judgement passed at least this time - 2nd week of July 2018, so that we all - Shwetambers & Digambers can do darshan, puja ... as before 22/04/1981.

  6. I think it is a bias opinion and only one side of the story because if your obvious preferences. Don't mislead by the title. Have a good future !

    1. I have not provided any opinion. Only facts have been stated above.

    2. I agree with the unknown comment posted. No points for guessing it seems you're a Shwetambar.
      Is there anyone who can neautrally MENTION ALL the facts irrespective of his faith and belief??

    3. Its ironic that some consider me pro-Digambar and some pro-Shwetambar. Just to solve your guess, I am Shwetambar by birth. However, I respect and honour both the faiths equally. Secondly if you doubt the neutrality, kindly provide the alternative facts which deny the facts stated above. I would love to add more value to this post.

  7. Thankyou for the info...
    Jain temple he sabko darshan vandan Pujan ka jaldi se jaldi Labh mile jaldi hi mandir ka lock khule yhi prarthana he aapsi ladai me hum apni bahumuly sampda khote ja the he hamre tirth ki rakhsha nhi kar pa the he

  8. Jagado se aur Maar pit se Kabhi kisika bhala nhi hua . . .Mandir Jaisi Pavitra Jaga ki kya Halat bana raki hai hum logo ne...Kitne Gir gai hai hum... Parmatma ki Halat dek ke Rona agaya...Kitne nistur and Kator bangye hai Bhaio Hum Sab ek hai Aur . . . I Request U all Forget the Past and Get Together. . .Unity Is Most Important Thing & Withdraw the Case aur
    Miljul ke Kare Parmatma Ki Pooja, Bhakti . . . Parmatma ki Asadna Se Bache
    Michami Dukadam

  9. Thank you very much for the information.
    Let us unite and worship the God. Hope the judgement is passed soon and doors of the temple be open for worship.
    Namo Arihanthanam !!!!!!

  10. Beautifully and detailed explanasion... just awesome.. Hatsoff to you..

  11. Thanks for all the details. It was really awesome.

    Don't take me wrong, but there will be some different story from Digamber side as well ..?

    1. May be, But documented court order speaks the reality.

  12. Arpitbhai... Isn't there anyway to solve the case...?

    1. The only way to solve this case is through mediation. Both parties need to reconcile and adjust.

  13. First of all thank you so much for sharing all information in so details. It feels so bad to see God is in charge.
    How can any one keep person (God) like this to whom you worship or believe more then self?
    Pooja is not how, in which way, when we worship or asking for all good thing should happen to you or god should take away your pain. Pooja is when you feel some very strong connection, Oneness, Positive energies, no complaints, no demands, where you feel pure. Then if it is with chaksu without chaksu, etc. doesn't' matter. Why we are fighting?? God is god. Everyone have different thought process, different way of worshipping.
    I believe more being spiritual then religious(respecting everyone, no harsh feelings).

    This matter is on from 1908 & till now. Strange thing is still it is on & people are fighting. There is tear in my eyes when I heard about this all & i think in everyone's eyes when they heard or have seen Idol of Antrikshji in this condition. It's like we have forgot humanity, kindness in fighting for religious (Shwetambar, Digambar) point of view.

    I really want to do something, But what & how I don't know. Please anyone can guide

    1. Nothing can be done to change the orthodox, rigid and egoistic mindset of the leaders of both the sects. Both have to compromise on some aspects. Until it is done nothing can be resolved.

    2. I known what Arpit wrote is the situation, very hard to change orthodox mindset, but there were disputes in other tirths that has been sorted out, we should learn from the history

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  15. Articles is tilted towards one party. Facts in favor of one side is highlighted in details.
    Tittle is misleading it should be some facts instead of "Complete facts".

    1. Request you to share the facts of the "other side" as well. Would love to add value to the post.

  16. Thank you Arpit For providing us so detailed information of Antriksh parshwanathji .I hope both shwetamber and digambers come together and decide some good for the sake of JAIN religion.

  17. For this situation to get solved, we all need to approach our gurumuni,discuss with them and insist to make a way out.If is out of their control atleast request them to escalate to their superior muni.
    Secondly adding a very strong prospect,
    Person or samaj whosoever taking initiative will be trolled as biased with his sect
    So i prefer to leave the decision on the respective dharmguruji.our job is put forward our need and a definite solution

    Also urge them the story of that small child in the circle. 2 mothers pulling hands from either soon as child cries in severe pain,real mother leaves the hand.
    So as true jaini we cant see our antriksh parshwanath ji bhagwan idol to be in this condition
    So one has to leave and other has to take responsibility.

    I understand many factors to be considered,disputes to be resolved,compromises to be made for the result ending this whole saga

    Please push out this to our gurumuniji

    Take it as a responsibility who ever reads it

    Jai jinendra

    1. Dear Abhishek,

      Revered Acharyas from both the sects are very deeply involved in this case. They are aware of all the facts.

  18. Very detailed article.. I am sure anyone who reads this will be sad and teary to know this fact. Good job in bringing this to notice.

  19. Arpit ji, pranam, really post padhne sir photos dekhne ke baad bahot Roya hun, Jo parmatma ki aashatna hum sapne me bhi nahi soch sakte vaisi aashatna tirth bhumi me ho rahi hai, dada se yahi parthana katta hu ke Prabhu phirse sirf EK chamatkar ho, aur tirthbhumi ka ud-dhar ho, 😔🙏

    1. Apki prarthna jald hi safal ho aisi prabhu se araj hai

  20. Nice details .
    One thing i find initial state of idol as mentioned in feb 1908 during renovation kati sutra and other things are added that means before that it was not there.
    So question is why it is needed to add ?
    Second thing
    To worship together by both sect is logically good but seems impractical as we as human always habitual to looks on differences.
    There are so many similarities in both sect but never interested in that
    So difficult to find answer

    1. Dear Abhijeet ji,

      It was alleged that Kati Sutra and Kandora were was not substantiated. In 2010, the Additional District Court, on the basis of evidences provided adjudged that Kati Sutra and Kandora were already present on the idol. (Refer: 11th Feb 1910).

      Agree with your point that we tend to look at the differences and not similarities.

  21. Thanks Arpit for sharing the entire history of the Antariksh Parshwanath case. It's not only painful, but brings shame to be called Jains. Boiled my blood to read about the pouring of boiled milk over the tirthankar to melt lep. These so-called Jains should hang their heads in shame. Both the Shwetambars & Digambars are responsible for the condition of the idol it is today, lying damaged and jailed.

    Emotions apart, I think it's a clear-cut case that the idol belongs to the Shwetambars for various reasons -

    They have the Historical records, while the Digambars have none. It was good to read how both the sects came together to oust the Polkars claiming ownership of a Jain idol. Following which it was the generosity of the Shwetambars to include the Digambars in the Temple Trust, but unfortunately rights misused and gratitude lost. Ownership by the Digambars can be claimed only if they knew the origin or any history of the idol with evidence. It is all in the air. None.

    Technically, going by the time period of the idol there were no Digambars, no Shwetambars but only Shramans in that period. However, since this idol was installed by Acharya Abhaydevsuri maharaj in a newly made temple, which is documented in many Shwetambar scriptures and temple was run by them, there should be no doubt in re-instating the exclusive rights back to the Shwetambars. Evidence of the earliest records of ownership too lie with the Shwetambar trust, that goes back to the 16th century. It was just unfortunate the idol was not taken away when the Shwetambars migrated away from Achalpur in the 20th century. This gave a chance to others to take care of the temple, they should have consider it a blessing but eventually started creating trouble. Letting go off the ownership to these troublemakers paves way to alteration & modification of the original idol to suit their beliefs, hence playing around with history. Should this be allowed?

    Most important of all, so far starting from the lowest to the Supreme Court, not one judgement has gone against Shwetambars. Instead exposes the notoriety of the Digambars on various instances. Going forward, if the SC passes a verdict that doesn't give exclusive rights to Shwetambars and continues on sharing rights, the matter will not be put to rest. Constant disregard to lower courts' verdicts prove this.

    All in all, in the end I just want to ask both the sects - Are you all really Jains? Which part of Jainism teaches you to do this? You have failed us......all your future generations, to walk your path.

    1. This is crazy! Amazing perspective. I was in so much pain before reading this article of yours. My name is jayesh and i am a Jain. I feel really sad about this and i really want to fix this issue. My heart is literally numb right now. This prathima is so miraculous and should be famous worldwide but instead its kept in a cage. Trust me whenever i think about this i feel i’m in cage too. I am in so much pain now. Really want to do something about it. I would love to connect with you and really looking forward to have a talk regarding this and see if there’s something that can be done in any way. I have never known about this before and so i’m shook to read it now at 2am. Pretty sure there’s no sleep for a long time now. Really need someone to brainstorm about this and come up with a solution.
      This idol should be back in safe hands and devotees have the right to feel the energy and express love to lord Parshwanath. Can’t really explain how terrible i am feeling right now.

    2. Contact information-
      No.- 7899420053

    3. I am a shwetambar by birth
      We are from South Mumbai and had a M.S. at our place Who was handling this tirth activities. However, despite the hardships faced by our lord, due to the 2 sects not coming together as highlighted by a lot of people and my blood too boiling due to not being able to do its Puja and We are fighting by keeping God in cage/jail which is really shameful, I feel that the 2 communities don't come together mainly due to the simple reason of lack of trust over each other. Shwetambar Community would feel that if this case is left to go easy and an out of court settlement happened despite winning in all courts till now, then the Digambar Community would feel that Shwetambar Community is weak and they will target other Imp Shwetambar Tirths also and claim ownership there also by producing some or other creative evidences and trouble us. So its better to set an example. Another view was that after coming so far, even if we agreed to a joint puja, again after 10-15 years, lep would be required and there would be a possibility of fights in future. So, it's better to nip this in the bud once and for all and then after control in shwetambar hands, we can voluntarily allow all Jains and other sects to do Darshan/Puja as ultimately God is for everyone and since this Murti is Chamatkaari, more devotees would likely come.
      So there seem to be ego clashes due to lack of TRUST on both ends as control is a sensitive issue and both sides are pressing for it and a FEAR of losing control by thought coming in mind that what if some kind of created or made or any kind of evidence is produced in the court by Digambar Community to claim control in the long run as court cases never end quickly in India. its a complicated process that has been followed in courts till now and it needs to end successfully and there should not be any further cases filed by anyone after this supreme court judgement. That was the thought I had heard from many people around. Then there is another thought that comes out that let Karma decide the fate of Digambar and Shwetambar Community. I feel that both sides should stop becoming desperate for controlling the tirth and focus on finding out an amicable resolution which is long lasting even for centuries to come and countless number of Leps that would be done in the future. Also, I believe that the Murti was made of Cow Dung by Devta had had is stronger than stone, so naturally that can't be shown as these are divine elements. After listening to the history of such a valuable Jain Heritage, I really feel for it and also appreciate the hardwork done by Jains to protect the Tirth. I just hope that this thing ends on a good note with both sides ceding control and not use creative and professional means of producing evidences and arguments and dragging court cases for ever and resolve the issue happily mutually. We all youngsters need to stand up and ensure that we get to do Puja soon in our lifetime. Jai Antrikshji..!

  22. plz translate in gujarati or hindi

  23. jo digamber pratimaji ko todte hai and boiling milk dalte hai woh to unhe bhagvan hi nahi mante hai to fir kyu woh case kar rahe hai ye pakistani mansikta nahi to kya hai

  24. Any idea whether the Supreme Court hearing happened on 20th Aug 2019? Please provide the case details (case no., year, party name, etc.) so that we can keep an eye on Supreme Court website

    1. Diary Number :- 9658-2007
      Case Number :- 005060-005060-2008
      Petitioner Name :- Manikchad and ORS.
      Respondent Name :- Sakarchand S/O Premchand Gujrati and ORS.

    2. I am unable to find anything on the Supreme Court website from the details given by you Krunal sir. Could you directly post a link?

    3. There is no specific link for that. you have to go to Supreme Court website. Go to case status and enter the details as shared by Krunal Shah. You will then get the details

  25. do you think the person who can hit 1180000 year old very pious idol with iron rod and pour boiling milk on it can be called jain definetly not and this is not first incidence their mentality is pakistani hu maru pan tane rand karu

  26. Just dont think about
    Digambar or Shwetambar.....prior to tat we are JAINS.....please solve this case...both the parties understand ANTRIKSH PARSHWANANTH DADA hum sabke hai.....sirf paper writing pe trust karnese acha...apne bhagwan pe trust karo.....unko todna...garam milk dalna ye chij karke kiske baghwan hai ye dekhoge.......??? Cut the crab guyzz....isiliye shayad bhagwan ne PUNISH KIYA so that no1 can come for devotion inside..... plz understand Our GOD is in cage

  27. Arpit Bhai.. Apne di hui jankari eye opener he.. Aaj hume apsi zhagde mitakar ek hone ki jaga hum Apsi zhagdo me Bhagwan ko b bat rahe he? Yah bahot Sharamnak bat he..

    Kshama Aur Shanti ka sandesh hum bas logo ko de rahe he aur khud zhagde kar rahe he?? Usse achcha yaha temple firse Polkar's ko de diya jaye agar Jain Ek nahi ho sakte to...
    At least both the Jain's samaj jayenge ki Bhagwan Apne he ya Parayo k? K uss dar se to o ek ho jayenge. Aur Bhagwan ki pooja start hogi.

  28. Jai jinendra Arpit
    Ur writing is an eye opener indeed.
    I am very inquisitive to know y the final verdict has not yet been was supposed to be given on 20august.
    We really want our god back.

  29. Char Dham Yatra Packages Hey loved reading your blog, must say that I can fully relate. Was checking out such genres to start up my own.Thankyou. Char Dham Yatra 4 Dham Yatra

  30. You mentioned that next hearing was on 10th Dec 2019, is there any update on it ?

    1. It was heard today (15.01.2020). The parties have asked for next hearing on 12th Feb 2020

  31. सत्य का स्वीकार करो और दिगंबर योगा मंदिर दिगंबर योग को दे देना चाहिये

  32. I like to visit, how to reach from mumbai by a train

  33. Arpit bhai ab konsi date hai wo bolna results ka intzar kar raha hu me vaha pe Jake aaya bohot dukhat che bhagvan ki ae halat

    1. The next hearing is scheduled in 3rd week of April but due to this coronavirus pandemic, it might get delayed

    2. Pranam Arpit Bhai. I tried looking for the judgement online but couldn't find it. Can you pls update as to what is the judgement delivered?

  34. What decision in April supreme court

  35. Idol is in damaged condition till today ?

  36. Prakash Mehta, Andheri (w) Mumbai
    Mobile No. 9930300366
    Today only I gone through the complete facts of Bhagwan Antriksh Parshwanath Temple,

    In my sincere opinion read point No. 11 written hereinabove in complete facts and forget everything by both the parties, this is only the solution.

    According to my experience, Court Order will never satisfy the people of both Shwetamber & Digamber sec therefore dispute will never resolve and society will not able to come out of Advocate Net

    Whatever mistake happened in past should not be repeat in the interest of society and for coming different thought generation

    I am qualified mediator, if both of them needed my services of mediation, I am ready to give them in the interest of society at large honorary to settle the dispute in the interest of society

  37. svetamber or digamber
    dono naturally bhagwan ki puja karo
    kya jarurat h chakshu,lep lagane ki,mukut pahnane ki

    digamber awastha m praphu ko dono sect ko poojna chie

    1. Bhai, aisa nahi hota hai. Angi or chakshu Bhagwan ki pooja ka moolbhoot hissa hai. Or iseliye Jo Shwetamber ka original rights hai use chhod nahi shakte.

  38. Is this detailed description available in Hindi as well for everyone to read ?. That would be very helpful for elder people to get indepth detailed about the history of Antariksh Parswanath dada.

    1. सत्य लपविण्यासाठी आनंदी कल्याणजी कल्पना लढाई धन्य ! अजबच !!
      मूर्ती मंदिर, दिगंबर असताना चोर शिरजोर?

  39. Hello Arpit Bhai
    You are working very hard and very useful for all Jains. I feel all the information what you have mentioned in your various blogs, should reach to all Jains at the earliest so I suggest you to keep it open instead of bloking or preventing it to copy. This is my humble request. When you are working very hard it should be reach to as many jains as possible. and your purpose will be fruited

  40. Very good information Arpit Bhai. Really an eye opener for all Jains.
    We need to solve this 100+ year old issue. This is very shame that 2 Jain communities are fighting like this. This will keep adding in to our Karmas and we need to take re-birth again and again. Very sad that because of few people entire community is being blamed.
    Keep updating us.

  41. this video contains some Digambar Views. Do check out which one is really accurate

  42. What are the recent developments in the case ?

    1. Due to COVID, the case is not being heard on priority basis.

  43. Is there any recent updates on the case?! I am really worried now for our Parshv Dada. Really hoping that it may get resolved really soon and we again will be back near to our prabhu.

    Firstly, amazing writing and the way it has came up can not be described in words, what you actually did. Thank-you for bringing this article Arpit sir. If there are any updates, kindly do let us know sir. Really awaiting for this issue to get resolved.

    1. Thank you. Due to COVID restrictions, the case is not being heard on priority basis.

    2. I am shreyash
      From shirpur jain

      Can you plzz provide me the source of the judgement of 1903 for the polkars

      Plz contact me on my email id if

  44. Really interesting information with strong details. Thank you so much..

  45. Thanks Arpit for penning down the details. Even if this is with certain bias, it still gives factual refrences.
    The disputes like this can be best resolved in out off court settlements. I pray to the almighty, the lost Antriksh Parshwnath to give wisdom to baith the sects and make an opening for a grand temple fir everybody to come, pray and worship.
    Looking forward to see this happening sooner than later.

  46. यह मूर्ति रावण के समय मे बनी यह मिथ्या है क्यों कि पार्श्वनाथ भगवान का जन्म रावण के जीवन काल में नहीं वरन लगभग 8000 वर्ष उपरान्त हुआ था

  47. तीर्थो के सत्य को जनता के सामने लाने की आप जो पुरुषार्थ कर रहे है उसके लिए आपको कितने भी धन्यवाद दे वह कम है। आपका उपकार हो रहा है हम श्रावकों पर। जैन तीर्थ के बारे में जानकारियां हर जैन को पता चले। अंतरिक्ष पार्श्वनाथ भगवान मन्दिर कोर्ट केस जल्दी मुक्त हो जाये यही प्रार्थना करते है। बहुत बहुत आभार। जय पार्श्वनाथ

  48. Parshwanathji was there around 800-900 BC whereas Raavan was there around 5000 BC so how come they have made idol of a tirthankar who is not even born yet. May be he is suparshwanath

  49. Why can't the age of the idol be established by carbon dating or some such means? If it is older than 1200 AD it will prove that it is Digamber idol.

  50. Idol making started only about 2000 years back. So the idea of the idol belonging to Ravana's era is myth.

  51. Is there any update today on the judgement?

    1. An Interim order was passed by the Supreme Court allowing the Shwetambar Sect to continue with the management and Digambars to worship according to agreement of 1905. (in line with earlier orders of Additional District Judge Akola in 1910, Judicial Commissioner Nagpur in 1923, Privy Council in 1929, Nagpur High Court 1948, Mumbai High Court, 2007). As previously ordered by Privy Council, Shwetambars can perform Lep. It is pertinent to note that this is an Interim order subject to outcome of challenge to Places of Worship Act 1991 and not the final judgement.

  52. The frequent issues amongst us (Jains) will lead us no where. The Tirthankars gave up everything to teach us the way of life and we are fighting amongst ourselves to take ownership of HIM who is the most Supreme. Recently I had been to Shikharji and to my surprise saw boards beside the temples stating Shwetambar and Digambar Jain trusts.
    We have lost Girnar ji and if these quarrels continue, it would not surprise me if someone will claim rights over Shikharji.

    Why can't we be just Jains? May be our Gurus should think of bringing the community together instead of creating further divides.

  53. Thank you so much arpit bhai for penning down such a detailed version of events.

  54. hello Arpit Bhai.. Looks like you have researched a lot.We have a website names where we have a lot of information about Jainism. Wanted this story to be updated on our Website. Can u please help us for the same ?

  55. Perfect!

    I had no knowledge about the case, but th article helped me understand the whole scenario.
    Thank you

  56. Thanks aprit bhai for writing down all the details so clearly. By reading your article, i conclude that parshavnath bhagwan ki ye pratima adbhut, ati-prachin aur chamtakri hai...aur har Jain follower ko shanti se bina mann me koi sawal rakhe...poore manobhaav se is pratima ke darshan karna chahiye...
    Me rajasthan se hun and jab mujhe Kesariya ji ke darshan ka saubhagya tak mujhe nahi pata tha waha bhi community issue chal raha h...but pratima itni manohar aur prachin hai...mera is baare me dobara sochne ka mann nahi kiya...
    Digamber and shwetamber..dono rituals bahut purane hai...hame as a jain follower, dono rituals ka samman karna chahiye...aur pratima jis bhi ritual me bhaav bhana chahiye ki ek din ham bhi bhagwaan jaise ban sake...
    Jai Jinendra...

  57. Thank you Arpit ji, it was a well written artical I could easly understood the whole story. There is no other proper and clear source on internet regarding this.

  58. If you are a jain than you are a curse on Jainism and your shwetanbar sect as I also visited this temple in November when it was closed I observed the ideal that it was not having any eye first off all that you are showing that we digambar destroyed it but this was not the truth you can't see that this idol was not having any eyes before why are you trying to capture our areas as you can't save you pilgrim palitana so you are trying to occupy our first look at your business and then interfere in others you have gone and seen the idol answer me note my mobile number if you are feeling ashamed then call me and tell note it 8868882538

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    I loved your blog on Antrikshji Parshwanath , you gave every singal details so that we can clearly say that prabu belongs to us , i want you to please make a another blog on Shri chawleshwar parshwanath prabhu , there is also a dispute happen in past but goverment gives the favour to digambar community . please can you give us full information on that topic also

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