Kalyan Mitrata..from Kashi to Karnavati to Kolkata

To say that “I am blessed” would be an understatement. I can add so many adjectives to it...Fortunate, lucky, privileged.....the list would be endless...Those who know me well will surely be shocked - A person like me who loves to sulk is calling himself blessed! That’s unbelievable!

Well yeah, that's the fact...because I am blessed to have received the love of friendship from so many people across all facets of life. Who have all loved me, trusted me and stood by me in times when everything was bleak. But the most unexpected bond I have found is from some of those beautiful people who have showered me with so much affection that I probably feel that I don’t really deserve!

From the ancient city of Kashi to Karnavati and Baroda in the heartland of Gujarat, I have been blessed by such beautiful friendships. They did not know me...they did not meet me in person...still the affection they have showered upon me...the trust and faith is endless. Elders seldom approve online social networking, but I can proudly say that I have gained are beautiful relationships.

I would never be able to justify their affection if I try to pen down their tales of selflessness. I will never be able to repay the debt of the love they have showered upon me. There is an unspoken bond, an unwavering trust. They have taught me the true meaning of selfless friendship and I can recollect so many instances that bring happiness and tears both at the same time.

*I did not know him, had spoken to him just once, to connect with my guruji who was on his way to Delhi from Kolkata. One fine day my phone rings- the person on the other side just incessantly requests me to visit his town the very next day to conduct Sattarbhedi puja to mark an auspicious event in his family. I politely decline, but he is serious. He calls me up frequently asking me to come down the very next day. Eventually I give in...I consider that day as the foundation stone for such a beautiful friendship. He is always there for me...and I know he's the king of Kashi !

*I knew her from Facebook. Our friendship grew online. We discussed religion, opinions, happiness and fights over texts. We had never met till the day she turned up in the middle of my train journey, just to ensure that I and my 10 friends do not stay hungry! She blames me till date that I can’t preserve friendships like she can. I agree. I never inform her when I visit her state...but the moment she gets to know about this the first thing she does is to call me up and chide me ! She still doesn’t know that I do that on purpose so that I could get that sweet scolding !

*I can call him for help in the middle of the night and he would graciously accept my call and would help me till my problem would get solved – and not just me, but to countless people ! He waited for so much time so that we could spend some time with him. He would take us through the bylanes of the ancient Karnavati, explaining the historic significance in detail leading us to the vibrant Manek Chowk in the middle of the night just to ensure that we have a sumptuous meal ! He would make all arrangements and ensure to the core that whenever we are travelling to his home state we are not devoid of any comfort.

*I congratulated her on clearing the biggest exam of her life with a chocolate. “Wo chocolate itna bhari padega abhi tak samajh aa raha hai !!!!” This chatterbox is one the most dangerous friend - a chotu bomb waiting to explode with her awesomeness ! I cannot describe her antics in words, but yeah she has provided me with immense laughter and smiles...

*She is always there for me...but she is always upset with me...i never listen to her. She feels that i never value her friendship..still she cares for me so much that i cannot really explain...i can just tell her that some day i'll make it up for her

*Last but never the least, this guy has stood by me since years. Yes we fight a lot, have immense misunderstandings, I preach, he never listens- He respects me but never listens to me...he has his flaws but he makes sure that all my flaws remain hidden. People say that he is my shadow and vice versa....but the fact is that he has always supported me in every sphere and may his support stay always !

*Again i know i am missing so many people here my friends philosophers and guides, ..my chuddie buddies..hardik gaurav ashish, office buddies, my friends with whom i have connected from Facebook...all my friends who make sure that i stay in their hearts forever !

I know that writing all this will never bring justice to the “Kalyan Mitrata” they have endowed upon me. I can just be grateful and pray that all should be blessed with such Kalyan Mitras !


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