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The Lost Birthplace of Lord Shitalnath - Bhaddilpur

Unknown to many, the birthplace of Lord Shitalnath, Bhaddilpur was lost until a couple of years ago. According to ancient scriptures, the kingdom of Bhadrikapuri was ruled from its capital, Bhaddilpur by King Dradhrath and Queen Sunanda (of Ikshavaku clan), parents of Lord Shitalnath. The city was thus blessed with the fortune of being the holy land where Lord’s Chyawan, Janma, Diksha and Kevalgyan kalyanaks took place.

The city was home to many grand Jain temples during ancient times, however as western India became the stronghold of Jains, it became very difficult for revered Acharya’s to travel to these Kalyanak bhumi’s situated (in eastern regions) in the medieval ages. Further, due to decline in Jainism and repeated foreign invasions, every trace of this Kalyanak Bhumi was destroyed around 150 years ago.

Declared Vicchedit (destroyed & lost) since the past century, the Kalyanak Bhumi was long forgotten by Jains until 1993 when a shravak named Shri Lalit Kumar Nahata planned a…