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Untouched Paradise - Andamans

Exotic Beaches, turquoise blue waters, dense natural foliage, beautiful sunrises, charming sunsets and an abundance of underwater life – That’s Andaman & Nicobar Islands for you! Through this blog-post, I would try to relive my experiences and share the itinerary which we (me & better half) followed.

Situated around 1,400 kms from India (and 1,000 kms from Thailand), this cluster of nearly 600 islands (572 to be precise) on the Bay of Bengal offers everything, a traveller wishes for- from the cosmopolitan city of Port Blair to the ruins of Ross Island; from the pristine white beaches of Havelock Islands to the rich aquamarine life of Neil Island.  Forget Thailand and Goa, Andaman is home to the most award winning beaches in the world! Don’t believe me ? Read on…

Some ‘Gyaan’:  Home to indigenous tribes (like Jarawas, Sentinelese, Onge and Shompen) since ancient ages, the earliest recorded history of the Andaman Islands began in early 18th century when the British est…