A small wish !

I wish to sit by the river, gazing upon its calm ripples,
Hearing its quaint murmurs, feeling the melodious vibrations,

I wish to witness nature's bounty,
Hearing the cacophony of the birds, watching the fish play,

I wish to feel the cool breeze, in the midst of a drizzle,
Savoring the aroma of the earthy scent, as the droplets fall.

I wish to gaze at the sunset, satisfying the soul within
Witnessing the boats pass at a distance, as the sun sets by the horizon,

I wish to open my arms, embracing all I can,
looking at the stars, finding myself within...


  1. Replies
    1. Waiting for it to be fulfilled :)

  2. Beautiful
    Soul of nature
    The beauty of nature so beautifully written Arpit

    1. Nature has always blessed us with beauty, its our fault that we fail to appreciate :)

  3. Replies
    1. the best part about nature is that it engulfs us in so many ways that we fail to give words for its awesome beauty :)

  4. I too wish all this but alas!! this crazy world does'nt even give time to settle down & think what all I wish :(

    1. That is why this wish remains a wish :(


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