Where earth breathes !

“Rest is not idleness, but to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, and is by no means a waste of time.”
Just an hour’s drive from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata, lies an oasis providing a perfect cocoon for a picture perfect weekend rejuvenation!

Desperate to escape the maddening and hectic lifestyle, I made up my mind to rejuvenate at a new resort I located on internet, guided by my office colleague: Breathing Earth- Where the earth breathes! Being a budget traveller, the tariff seemed expensive at first, but the pictures on the resort's website floored me. I had to give in!

A blend of luxury and nature, this resort is located 40 kms from Alipore, Kolkata, on the Diamond Harbour road, in the sleepy village of Kaleria newly set up by the Purkayastha family. 6 kms from the Serakol town on the Ushti road leads us to the massive green gate of this beautiful resort. The drive to the resort was painfully tiring due to the oppressive heat, but I was in love with the place the moment I stepped in !

The gateway to bliss !

The resort residents warmly welcome the guests on the gate which leads us to the resort under the canopy of palm trees, shrubs and lakes. A short walk leads us to the 12 mud cottages, designed very traditionally but equipped with all the modern luxuries.

The beautiful mud cottages
The moment one steps in, the staff serves chilled coconut water, refreshing us immediately! The huts had beautiful lighting and Alpana designs exuding warmth ! The staff being very courteous , made sure that Jain meals were prepared for us as well !

The beautiful alpana designs on the walls

The resort is equipped with natural lakes offering adventure sports like zip lining, zorbing, rock climbing, archery etc. The lake is lned with beautiful palm groves, making the greenery abundant!

Natural lakes with lush greenery
The soothing ambiance of the mud cottages ooze comfort and serenity. A mere sight of the chain of casuarina trees overlooking the cottages is a treat for the senses. The resort also offers the luxury of a Jacuzzi enabled crystal clear swimming pool which looks heavenly in the evening lights !

The beautiful swimming pool
Either you can spend the night counting endless stars or wake up to misty mornings, Breathing Earth is an awesome place to unwind ! I can write at length about this resort, but I would let my pictures do the talking !

Natural bliss !

The symmetry of the cottages

Where flowers welcome you everywhere !

Wall art at the dining area

A picture perfect getaway

My legs are breathing earth !

Where you can wake up to such beautiful mornings !

Where you can wake up to such beautiful mornings !

Dew on cobwebs !

Way to heaven !

The beautiful morning by the poolside

Country roads take me home !

Misty Mornings

Beautiful flowers dotting the paths

To sum up- Its a bliss !


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