A few words for my Lord !

As I had mentioned in one of my previous posts - "Why am I deeply concerned for this loss?", I am deeply fascinated by the Pratimaji (idol) of Lord Mahavir at Kshatriyakund. Whenever have I been lucky enough to witness the lord, I have always found myself in the presence of blissful divinity !
I have not yet figured out the reason for this fascination, but I can only say that whenever I see the "Jivit Swami", I feel that its not the idol, but the lord smiling at me ! It may be for the fact the Shri Nandivardhan had indeed managed to carve out the exact beauty of the lord in stone !

If I could sum up the beauty of the lord I can just quote the lines by Pujya Yashovijayji Maharaja-

"Even if I unite the aura of a billion demi-gods...they won't be able to match an ounce of your aura...How as a layman can i impart words to explain your divinity? Like the drops of nectar...a mere vision of your image soothes my parched mind !!"

Since the morning of 6th December, after receiving the news of Lord's arrival back at Kshatriyakund, my mind has been aching to go back to lord, but somehow, situations haven't yet allowed me to witness my lord's divinity ! Thus in remembrance of my lord, I have tried to arrange adjectives that can describe an ounce of Lord's divinity through this hymn (in 'Pad' form ) inspired by "Shakrastva Stotra".  Through this hymn, I also try to relive the memories of 18 Abhishek, which we luckily got to conduct on the lord !

"तू ही अद्भुत, तू ही अलौकिक, तू तो है मनमोहन ,
तू जग-सुन्दर, त्रिभुवननायक, तू करुणारसकंदन,
जन्मनिरंजन, भवदुःखभंजन, तू ही नाथनिरंजन

तू परमातम, तू परमेष्ठि , तू ही परमयोगी ,
तू परमेश्वर ,परमविधाता , तू ही परमज्योति,
तू अनंतगुण, तारणहारा , तू ही दिव्यज्योति ,

तू ही विष्णु, तू शिव-शंकर, तुम ही हो गोविंदम
तू लोक-नाथ, तू जग-बंधू, तुम ही हो लोकोत्तम ,
तू त्रिलोकदीप, तू तीर्थंकर ,तुम ही हो पुरषोत्तम

तू जिनेश्वर, तू सर्वज्ञ, तू ही है वीतराग,
तू हित -चिंतक ,तू पारंगत , तू ही है हंसराज,
तू अचिन्त्य, करुणासागर, तू ही देवाधिदेव ,

तू अजर, तू अचल तू ही है महेश्वर
तू जगच्चक्षु, तू महादेवा ,तू ही है अमृतकर ,
तू ही निर्मल , तू मृत्युंजय , तू ही है आत्मेश्वर,

तू सर्व समर्थ,  तू तीर्थ स्वरुप ,तू ही है अमृत,
तू निर्विकार , सर्वांग -सुन्दर , तू ही है महासिद्ध,
तू निर्विकल्प , तू केवली , तू ही है कल्पनातीत

हे परमगुरु, हे तेजस्वी, हे कृपानिधान,
हे दिन-दयाल, सर्वांगसुन्दर, तुम हो गरीब नवाज़,
चरणों में शरण पा कर, धन्य मैं हो जाऊं,
“अर्पित” करू भक्ति मेरी, बस तेरे गुण गाऊं" 


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