The wanderer relives 2015 !

2015 was a very important year for me, as my passion for travelling enhanced manifold. My urge for living each moment amidst historical ruins, on the lush green grass, under the open skies and in dense forests grew higher and higher. My wanderings in 2015 led me to 27 places with trips in each month except March, September and November.

The year began with a trip to Rajgir, Kundalpur (Nalanda), Guniyaji (Gunava, Navada) & Pawapuri with my friends in the second week of January.  From the chilly morning breeze at Kundalpur to the arduous hill trek on Vaibhargiri (Rajgir) , each moment was memorable for me as it brought the warmth of togetherness and reliving of the same trip undertaken 5 years ago in 2010. Pawapuri remains special for it reminds me of the constant presence of Lord Mahavir in its soil! I also undertook another trip to Pawapuri on 2nd April this year to conduct a Siddhachakra Pujan and 18 Abhishek (perks of being a vidhikarak  ! :p)

Rajgiri Memories

February gave me a short road trip to Sammed Sikhar Taleti Tirth to conduct Parshwa Panchkalyanak Puja under the holy presence of Acharya Shree Kirtiyash Surishwarji Maharaja. A short stay was also made memorable due to the presence of Rahul bhai and Nandish !

Smiles :)

In May, I got an opportunity to visit Surat, via Ahmedabad and Anand. Discovering an eatery which shared my name and relishing the mouth-watering food with Hetalbhai at Manek Chowk post-midnight was so awesome! Memories of meeting my buddy, Hardik at IRMA-Anand at 3 AM around the IRMA campus will remain etched in my memories ! Meeting my guru, Param Pujya Muniraj Shree Shilchandra Vijay Maharaja at Surat and the opportunity to conduct various festivities there was way too awesome!  The evening visit to ancient temples of Shri Sahastrafana Parshwanath Bhagwan, Shree Surajmandan Parshwanath Bhagwan and Shri Chintamani Parshwanath Bhagwan can be summed up as pure divinity !

Outside 'Arpit' Restaurant

June gave me the opportunity to visit Mumbai to attend the wedding festivities of my sissy ! From the warm hospitality extended by Shri Sureshbhai at Borivali to meeting meeting my guruji again remain special. The night stay at Arnala, walk to Yazoo park, visiting Agashi Tirth, meeting Rikki and enjoying the wedding made the trip very memorable.  

Festivity Fun :)

My long awaited plan to visit Bishnupur materialized in July, with a road trip to the temple town with friends. The feeling of being lost in the ruins and clicking amazing pics can be relived here.

Amidst ruins !

On Independence day, my brother and sister in law gave me an opportunity to visit Tajpur beach in Bengal. The scenes of this road trip to the beach on a rainy day will remain etched in my memories forever.

Tajpur :)

October led me to the breath-taking resort of Breathing Earth in Kaleria in the lap of Nature. The short trip rejuvenated me and gave a much needed break ! Details and pics can be accessed here

The trip to Andhra Pradesh & Telangana including Hyderabad, Secundarabad, Ramoji Film City, Kulpakji, Gummileru, Gudivada, Achanta, Pedamiram, Amaravathi, Hrinkar, Sri Sailam Tiger reserve, Kurnool and Pedda Tumblam was one of the best road trips undertaken by me ! You can find the details here.

Breathing earth !

At Ramoji- feel like a king

The last month of the year led me to Rujuwalika for Shuddhikaran and 18 Abhishek on the serene banks of river Barakar. From Suddhikaran to the divine atmosphere in Bhavna to the 18 Abhishek mahotsav- each moment remains embedded in my heart forever !

Shuddhikaran Gang !

This brings an end to this year. Hope 2016 leads me to many more such wanderings ! Happy New Year !


  1. Wishing you more such fun filled divine years ahead, Its a mystery how you schedule yourself to enjoy every aspect of life. Lot to learn from you


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