Ek janamyo Raajdularo !

The summers had just set in the month of Chaitra in year of 599 BC. However, the harshness of summer had not yet stepped in the kingdom of Braham-kund-gram, which was situated in the northern part of Bharat Kshetra, in the middle of in the vast Jambudwip.  On the east of the kingdom stood the Bhramankund-Nagar and on the west stood the Kshatriyakund-Nagar, the capital of the kingdom which was blessed by the saints and unstained by sins.

The fourteen dreams of Queen Trishala

The streets of the capital city lay quiet and the huge gates built into the massive walls that surrounded the city had been shuttered for the night.  Sentries stationed in towers along the perimeter of the fortress maintained vigil from across the surrounding moat. In the centre of the city stood the magnificent royal palace, nestled in a bed of splendid temples, gardens and lakes. The massive palace overlooked the Gnat-khand-van gardens on the east and Bahushal-van gardens on the west.  

Strains of the veena could be heard from the inner chambers of the palace, playing the beautiful notes of Raag Hansdhwani keeping King Siddharth in a divine state of mind.  King Siddharth, a descendant of the Ikhasvaku clan, always considered himself to have his purpose and duties accomplished by religion alone. Having deep knowledge of spiritualism, he placed his subjects above all, devoted to their interests like a father. 

His queen Trishala, resting in the adjacent chamber was bestowed with immense qualities and was untouched by deceit. A deep sense of happiness and satisfaction was engulfing the queen that night as the pious omens she had witnessed earlier were about to come true. Exactly 9 months and 7 days had passed since the queen witnessed the 14 divine dreams, marking the arrival of the lord in her womb.

The fragrant breeze blowing from the west, created a serene and soothing atmosphere. At the stroke of the midnight hour wherein a constellation of Uttar Falguni Nakshatra took place, the moon took the Ashtottara position signifying highly auspicious signs on the thirteenth day of the bright half of Chaitra month.  In this auspicious and serene atmosphere, Queen Trishala gave birth to the lord of three worlds engulfing the palace in a divine glow ! At that very moment all living beings found happiness and deep comfort, even the ones surviving their days in hell felt their pains disappearing that very instant!

એક જનમ્યો રાજ દુલારો , દુનિયા નો તારણહારો ! 
વર્ધમાન નું નામ ધરી ણે , પ્રગટ્યો તેજ સિતારો !

Naming the Lord "Vardhaman"

Prabhu's Janmabhishek

When the Indra Dev carried the lord to the Meru Parvat to celebrate the Janma-Abhishek, all the Dev’s eagerly waited to conduct the divine Abhishek from the holy waters of Ksheer Samudra, Magadh, Vardam, Prabhas Tirth, Ganga & Sindhu on the lord with Kalash’s made with precious metals and encrusted with rare stones !  After worshipping the lord with 1 crore and 60 lakh Abhishek’s , the Saudharma Indra bowed before the lord a sung a hymn praising the master ~

“Hail to thee, the blessed One, self-enlightened, pious, lord, establisher of dharma,
Hail to thee, the light of the world, lord of the world, benefactor of the world.
Hail to thee, to the giver of sight, the giver of fearlessness, the giver of enlightenment, the giver of the path, giver of dharma, guide in dharma, giver of protection,
Hail to the charioteer of dharma who is devoid of all error, conqueror of passions, and helper of others to conquer,
Hail to thee, the Master, knowing all things, seeing all things, the destroyer of the eight karmas.
Hail to thee, Lord Mahavir, the resolute the Master of three worlds.”

The Janma Abhishek !


  1. Very nice, it's really difficult to search and translate spiritual and religious words.... anumodhna.... you are building puniya and gaining Gyan....nev ne stop this...

  2. Khub khub anumodhna, For awareness its require, the way you describe very easy to understand. Once again thanks and anumodhna.

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  4. Hi Arpit, nice article.

    Do we know time when lord mahavira was born ? We know the day and year.
    It would be good to have insights on the time.

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