Kavi, moksh ni chaavi ~ A photo journey

Known as the "key to heaven", Kavi is located on Gujarat's southern coastline near the town of Jambusar. Earlier known as Kankavati, this town served as a trading hub for many Jain merchants. Two temples, dedicated to Lord Adinath & Lord Dharmanath are deeply revered by the Jains and non Jains of the temple town. Today, let us visit this beautiful tirth through a series of Black and White photographs.

The Jinalay of Shri Adinath Bhagwan, known as the "Sarvajit Praasaad", was renovated under the guidance of Acharya Shri Vijaysensurisvar ji by Shri Ladhik Gandhi and his wife in Vikram Samvat 1645.

Mulnayak Shri Adinath Bhagwan ~ Sarvajeet Praasaad

Sarvajeet Praasaad ~ The temple built by the mother in law

The beautiful idol of Lord Adinath

As per a legend when Ladhik's son's wife struck her head against the door frame of the temple, she cursed her mother in law of not designing the temple properly. On hearing this, her mother-in-law taunted her , that if she was so unsatisfied with the design, she should build a temple herself. Thus Virabhai, the son's wife in humiliation built a splendid temple within 5 years, taking money from her parental home. She named the temple "Ratnatilak Praasaad" and installed a beautiful idol of Shri Dharmanath Bhagwan. The temples are therefore known as the "Sas Bahu Temple".

Ratnatilak Praasaad ~ The temple built by the Daughter in law

Mulnayak Shri Dharmanath Bhagwan- Ratnatilak Praasaad

Carvings outside the Temple

The blend of artistic works the temples and the soothing and serene atmosphere of the town are fascinating. If possible, I would suggest all to visit the town in peak winters where the mist engulfs the temples making it feel that the temples are floating on clouds. Another fascinating aspect of this place is that there are no Jain families in Kavi and the temples are revered by the entire population of the town, which is predominantly muslim !

How to reach: The temples are situated 1 kms away from Kavi station and 97 kms from Baroda; Bharuch is 75 kms while 54 kms from Shri Gandhar Teerth. 

I would like to thank Yash Koradia & Saurabh Mehta for the valuable contribution to this photo blog.


  1. I like it very very much.i mail u my question ,pls reply and help me.

  2. Seen the temple many times during my stay in India whilst staying in Kavi at a friend's house, it is built beautifully and is a must to visit.


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