5 Ways to minimize your expenditure on International trips !

Travelling to a foreign country is definitely an exciting experience but it can quickly turn into a financial disaster if not managed properly. There are a handful of tips that can help you save a whole lot of money while you make the most of your trip abroad.

Hostels have garnered a lot of credibility via word-of-mouth among travelers over the recent years, and rightfully slow. Hostels work out to be 80% cheaper than hotels, especially in Europe. They also allow you to book in advance.

Avoid tours
Elaborate tours usually cost a lot of money. They are well planned but moving around with a huge crowd dampens the experience while slowing you down significantly and wasting your precious time. The cheaper and better alternative is to travel individually to popular tourist destinations and create your own experience.

Fly economically
There is an art to booking flight tickets to get the cheapest rates in the market. Many apps now lets you compare prices across travel portals. Another helpful trick is to delete cookies from your browser while booking tickets as a repeated search for flights leads to a surge in ticket prices.

Use Public Transport
When travelling abroad and especially within Europe, public transport is your safest and best bet. The metro, train and bus network around Europe are very well connected and can get you anywhere you want in shorter spans of time and at economical rates.

International Roaming Packs #RoamUnlimited
This surprisingly is what burns the biggest hole in your pocket while travelling abroad. Travelling without activating an international roaming pack can lead to a gigantic bill for moderate usage of your cellular services. The best way to approach this is to activate an international roaming pack on your existing number BEFORE you travel abroad for a reasonable amount and travel worry-free! The most advised pack at the moment is the first-ever truly Unlimited International Roaming plan across UK and Europe by Vodafone at Rs.180 /Day which covers you across Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Malta, & Albania. Read more on bit.ly/2vTlJyx


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