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When I started this blog in 2015 to pen down my thoughts, little did I realise that it would grow to nearly 50 posts with a family of more than 1.2 lac readers (of which 35k readers were from the United States!). Although some have considered it to be a travel blog and some believe it to be a collection of write-ups on spirituality, I think it as a haphazard diary- a medium to express my experiences.

The Inspiration!

While the above stats may seem minuscule, I feel that this blog has turned me into a storyteller- from penning a recollection of my spiritual experiences to my travel diaries, from voicing my opinions to writing amateur poetry, this online diary has seen it all. Thus it became imperative to go a step further by registering this webpage as !

From the post "Where Earth Breathes"- November 2015.

Recollecting the journey from where it all began, I started writing about my thoughts, but gradually moved to my travel experiences as well. The travelogues on Kesariyaji, Sikkim & Ranthambore (which gave me my first ever experience of Wildlife Photography) remain closest to my heart and “Blind Faith”, (which depicted the story of a lady who has given me immense strength and motivation) is the most heartfelt post I have penned.

From the post "The Disputed Devotion"- March 2016.

Today, what makes me happy is the fact that my travel diaries have encouraged the readers to spend their weekends at Henry’s Island, Bawali, Bishnupur, Breathing Earth and enjoy their vacations at Sikkim, Bundi, Rishyap and Andamans (although some readers felt that the post was a tad too long).

From the post - "Sikkim Sojourn" - April 2016

Apart from the posts dedicated to highest spiritual centres like Shatrunjay (through a poem), Shankheshwar and Sammed Shikharji, what satisfied me that people thronged to lesser known Jain tirths like Nathnagar, Bhaddilpur, Sainthia, Azimganj-Jiaganj, Palanpur, Kavi, Gandhar, Cochin, Rujuwalika, Kashi, Kshatriyakund, RanakpurAgra and various unheard tirths in Andhra Pradesh after their travelogues appeared on the blog.

From the post "Blind Faith" - February 2016

The most popular posts on the blog included a write-up on the Jain Vidhi of Marriage (a staggering 20k views), Diksha of the billionaire Shri Bhanwarbhai Doshi, a note dedicated to my Gurudev and my agonized post on the theft of the Jivit Swami idol at Kshatriyakund (which garnered a support of more than 25,000 signatures on a petition which was forwarded to Shri Narendra Modi & Shri Nitish Kumar through

From the post "The Disputed Devotion"- March 2016.

Based on the suggestions from the readers, I also wrote a two-part series on Shri Siddhachakra Mahayantra and a series based on the life events of Lord Mahavir. Further my love for Kolkata’s heritage led me to write posts on Shri Dharmanath Bhagwan’s magnificient sawari, Maniktalla Jain Temples and the grand Marble Palace.

From the post "Blind Faith" - February 2016

Apart from the support of all my friends (who have fulfilled the roles of editors to proof readers), I am also thankful to all my readers whose constant motivation has made the blog what it is today. I really look forward to your feedback and suggestions which will enable me to write better. Do let me know which post remains your favourite!

While, the past would remain etched forever in my heart, it is the future which excites me. 

The journey has just begun!


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